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  • Best and worst cars you’ve driven?
  • Best-Honda S2000
    Worst-Mk2 diesel golf,not only as slow and noisey as you’d expect,but the worst gear box I’ve used. Vague doesn’t do it justice.


    I have never driven a nice car, but without doubt the biggest pile of shit I have driven was a Rover 200 (the ones badges as MG ZR’s). The only car I have ever bought from new. It really did fall apart over a period of a few months, no suprise that MG Rover went tits up.

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    Best – Renault 21 GT. No doubt totally outclassed now, but as a 22 year old bloke who was used to Polos and Puntos it felt like The Bomb. Then it expired in a puff of black, oily smoke so I guess it acted like The Bomb too.

    Worst – Merc A class. Hire car. A truly dreadful thing.

    Best – 2cv – what a laugh they are to drive fast (ish) and very good in the snow

    Worst -2cv – no explanation required


    Neither belonged to me but MDs of two companies I worked for.

    The best was a Jaguar XJS-HE compared to the Ford Cortina estate I had as a company car it was unbelievable.

    The worst was a Rolls Royce Silver Spur, for the amount of money it was a horrible car to drive.


    Best – Audi s4. Amazing car in every way.

    Worst – Rover 200 – what a pile of dog turd. I was actually glad when someone smacked into me and wrote it off.

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    Worst…..Citreon Dyane (did teach me a lot about fixing cars though).



    Best – Classic Range Rover with full Overfinch 5.7l Chevy V8 treatment, never mind the BHP, the torque curve looks like table mountain. Amazing how something that heavy could be that fast and nimble.

    Worst – Classic Range Rover with full Overfinch 5.7l Chevy V8 treatment. Badly bodged under the glitz, took unreliablity to new levels, and nothing was ever cheap or simple – bit like being married to Naomi Campbell.

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    Thinking about this to stem the boredom of the drive back from Fort Bill. Not necessarily the most expensive, or flashest, but the one that felt best to drive at the time.

    Best: 1st generation Audi A3, from about 12 years ago
    Worst: vauxhall zafiri automatic as a hire car last year – bl00dy awful slow, heap of junk.


    This was a lorra lorra fun…

    Also a pit into which I poured money too however.

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    Best – Citroen AX GT when I was young and stupid. £5,000 missile.

    Worst – Citroen AX GT 5 years later. Drove it 365 miles back from St Ives and sold it because my back and knees couldn’t cope with it any more.

    Best – prototype Discovery. A few years back,quite a while before it was launched, I got one of the Disco 3s to play with for a weekend. Awesome engineering.

    Worst – Hyundai Accent. Hire car. One had to book an appointment to accelerate. The braking? The handling? Erm, no

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    Best – Impreza STI with some Prodrive gubbins.

    Worst – Flat worst probably the 91 Mitsubishi Delica I had in New Zealand. Most over-rated was an Audi A6 Avant 1.8T that my old man used to have, underpowered, handled like a dog, stupid CVT gearbox.


    Best mk2.5 MX5 (not the most powerful but like a second skin)
    worse 2004 Yaris.

    Best – Lotus Elise
    Worst – Everything else but a one litre Ford Escort I had takes some beating. Worst recent car was a Peugeot 207 that a garage lent me when they cocked up the servicing on the Lotus. So bad it was dangerous

    Worst : Citroen BX diesel estate, just awful in every way. Why oh why did I ever buy it?

    Best: Lotus Elise, just like a big go-kart. I’ve just bought a 172 Clio sport which is pretty good fun too 😀


    Was a member of a Car Club where you paid cash and got points to use to hire cars.

    Best car was probably Maserati 3200GT, though e-type Jag was a real experience too.

    Worst Car ever was an FSO Hire Car – diabolical – front wheels were only loosely linked to the steering wheel!

    Best= When I lived in Canada I owned a rusty dented 1982 GMC Suburban in 2 tones of sh1t brown with a 6.2 litre V8 diesel with 3 speed auto box. It was about the same size speed and manouverability as a Tug Boat but it was mega comfy cheap to run and I even slept in it for a month. 3 weeks before I came back home to Blighty I hit ice spun it off the road and wrapped it round a tree. I got out with only a sore nose from the airbag. I didnt spill a drop 🙂

    Worst= Citroen AX 1.0 diesel about as fast as an arthritic tortoise pressing the accelerator did nothing but make it vibrate and burn more fuel


    worst – 1989 Renault 5 TR. nothing good about it, except perhaps the price.
    Actually, no, that’s just the worst one I’ve ever owned. The worst thing I’ve ever driven would have to be a 1981(ish) Metro in “hamster beige” – a “rentawreck”, the only thing I could hire in my first 12 months of driving. 4 speed box, braking that juddered rather than slowed you down, and steering that pulled to the right. all the time.

    best – 2004 BMW 320d Touring. My current car, now has 102k miles on the clock & probably only just worn in. It just goes on & on

    most fun – Alfa 156 – my last car before the beemer, would probably have got my “best” vote if it had been more reliable


    Best – Nissan GT-R – ridiculous bit of kit.

    Worst – Toyota iQ2 – crap in every way.


    Worst = Kia people carrier thing – absolutely horrible.

    Best = Probably my current car, a mk2 Audi TT 2.0 coupe. Unfortunately, I’m selling it so take a look here if you’re seriously interested:


    Best – Nissan GT-R – ridiculous bit of kit.

    bastid!! 🙂


    Best = Caterham

    Worst = dead heat between Frontera / Agila / 1.5D Saxo. Hateful things, all.

    best – mk1 XR2 (fun, fun, fun), but not as much fun as my old TDR 250 i had at the same time, oh to be 19 again.

    worst – Rover 400 (reliable but DULL), Holden kingswood (breakdown on wheels, but cheaper than staying in a hostel).


    Hora – I just wish that I got to keep it for more than a couple of hours. Local garage was trying to butter me up, so let me take one for a spin.


    Worst – Citroen C3 hire car in Ibiza – gutless, tinny and squeaky
    Best – Seat Leon Cupra TDi – Fast, comfy and good value (compared to a Golf)


    Chipped Impreza was ‘fun’. I now know why people wear baseball caps/woolly hats in those cars however it was the only car to scare me- hearing the turbo kicking in….the initial fear was like a passenger in a fast car.

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    Best :: latest Impreza STi
    Worst :: Hyundai Getz in metallic dog sh1t brown. Handles like a bowl of jelly, accelerates like a stunned mullet and stops like its on an ice rink, built out of plastic wafer and smelt really odd. Thanks Avis for that one.


    Best: Audi S4 probably. Although I’ve driven an elise a couple of times which was by far the most fun.

    Worst: Jeez, there’s been so many. It’d be a close run thing between The Fiat Uno (or something) hire car we had in menorca, three seperate bits fell off it while I was driving it, I say ‘driving’, it just sort of drifted along in a direction, if you were lucky it would drift in the right direction. It had this ‘parking’ button which presumably tightened up the steering for getting it into tighter spots, if you forgot to turn it off the car would try and roll over in corners…. and a clio we hired in Scotland once. It broke down, twice, with two different faults and was supreme in it’s lack of thrust, handling, comfort and useability. Hated it.

    Best – Toyota MR2 AW11
    Worst Mk1 Fiesta

    Best bike – My mates GSXR 7/11 streetfighter – downgeared for 120mph at the redline and tuned for torque – it was an utter hoot – accidental wheelies at 90 mph at 6000rpm 😯 Used to get 2000 miles from a rear tyre

    Worst bike – Harley sportster

    Best I owned – R1100RS with a stage 1 tune / Bsa A10 – both great in their own ways


    The worst car I have ever driven?

    Vauxhall Omega 2.0 Automatic – absolutely dreadful in every respect. unbelievably slow, every time the auto box changes gear, my beard grows another inch (and I don’t grow stubble quickly) its notchy when it does, handles like it has stiff sponges for suspension, and feels like the front wheels will fold on you if you are driving with a bit of haste.

    The best i’ve cars ever driven?

    Slightly (a lot) tuned Audi Coupe 20v quattro, went round corners like it was on rails, 5 cyl engine gave a truly beautiful noise, and plenty of power available. the beige velour seats and naff wood trim was a bit gash though 😉

    Audi A6 with 2.7t engine, a very nice every day motor, 250bhp and would cruise along the motorway at 85 all day long and absolutely soak up the miles, then capable of driving a little quickly too.

    A mate owns “the 2nd fastest reno’ 5 in the country” it’s completely insane, side exit exhaust and about 290bhp (iirc) is only taken out on the occasional sunny day, it stands him at around £35k – when that turbo spins up and you are punched in the kidney’s as it accelerates, brilliant.

    Not as a driver but passenger, an old BMW M3 around nurburgring, i’ll never forget that, truly brilliant!

    i think that’s it for now 😉


    Worst – Mitsubishi LS200. Even with a turbo diesel it was slower than the transit I owned at the same time. Awful turning circle, diabolical build quality and tiny inside. Hated the thing.

    Best – Jaguar X-Type Estate 2.2 Diesel. Quick enough, quiet, bloody comfy and effortless.

    Most fun – Volvo 360 hatch back with plastic rear tyres. Drift tastic.

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    Best: Skoda Felicia 1.3 Estate. Absolutely diabolical to drive. Slow, uncomfortable, smelly. felt like you’d done a few rounds boxing after getting out. However :- Ferried loads of kit about all over the country, including loads of camping/biking trips. Very practical. Never let me down once in 5 years of ownership even though it was never serviced or maintained properly. Cost me next to nowt, didn’t owe me anything. Hoping my Octavia VRS estate turns out similarly practical / reliable (know it won’t be as cheap though)!

    Worst: Citroen ZX advantage. Broke down all the time, but I bought a bit of a lemon so my fault really!

    Best car – an original Audi Quatro I was given a lift in when they ruled the rally driving.
    Worst car – Focus Mk2 1.6 Zetec as it took me 3 goes to pass the bleeding test.
    Best bike – Yamaha RXS100 (100cc 2-stroke Crazy Frog sounding ripper).
    Worst bike – 125cc Suzuki chopper I did my CBT on.

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    three cars stand out above all other for pure shiteness

    BMW Z4
    Mazda 3
    pug 406


    Honda integra type R DC2
    Porsche Cayman S 3.4
    Porsche GT3 2001


    Worst Allegro courtesy car whilst my best car was in for dent management

    Best Scirroco Storm GTI

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    Best…my 1984 XR3i.
    Worst…my 1984 XR3i.

    Worst- Renault 5 mk1 with four speed lottery gearbox
    Most Fun – Smart Roadster with 101bhp tuning
    Best – Alfa (Can’t remember the number) green cloverleaf
    Most notable – The alfa for blowing the bottom of the engine out on the A1 at 60-70mph

    on and on – Member

    three cars stand out above all other for pure shiteness

    BMW Z4
    Mazda 3
    pug 406
    How dare you dis my beloved Pug? The only vehicle of mine that all the local chavs in Subarus and A4’s are scared of taking on in a tight-gap situation.
    Although, the piccy below makes me rethink my love for it 😉

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