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  • Best 18650 helmet light?
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    I have a decent XML T6 torch that I have helmet mounted but its a bit on the heavy side. Any recommendations for a new 1. Fluxient etc? USB charging would be good! Cheers

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    I bought one of these some time ago

    I rate it. I don’t use it as a helmet light, just one I can throw in my pocket as a back up for if my main light fails. I used it on the road for quite a while as my main light.

    It’s decent; very small; useful settings; doesn’t flicker or change modes when it’s bumpy; reliable; solid construction (I’ve dropped it a few times and it still works; something that I couldn’t say about the cheaper torches I’ve had)

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    What’s your budget?

    My most used 18650 helmet light was a Sunwayman V20c, infinitely variable brightness through a magnetic control ring was a genius touch

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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