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  • Bell Super 2R – Crash performance
  • fr0sty125

    Ok so I managed to try one of these on at the weekend they are very light and comfortable but the chin guard seems quite flexy compared to a normal FF or even the new MET Parachute. Even in their own impact testing videos it flexes quite a bit.

    Now if I wanted it just so that it met regulations for say UKGE then it would be fine but if you want it to actually give decent perforamce what do people think?

    Premier Icon kimbers

    Mine arrived on Saturday

    But too small for my melon, even with out the chin guard fitted, shame as bell stoker firs fine

    Felt sturdy enough for what it is, of be confident it’s absorb enough impact damage to keep my chiseled good looks intact

    Either way I’ll be going with the parachute as it for much better just be sweaty on those hot ukge races !

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The word was that the chin guard passes the ASTM downhill test, it’s the upper shell that doesn’t. Flex isn’t necessarily a bad thing, within reason.

    Got mine last week, rode with it Saturday for the first time. Really liked it. I got a large and it was spot on and didn’t get hot or really notice the chin guard after a while. After face planting once going half quickly and not able to stop my face hitting the deck. I liked the idea of the extra protection.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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