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  • Bedlington Terrier, anyone got one?
  • One of my favourite dogs though never personally owned one (know people who do though.

    Justa of this parish has one called Billy.

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    Thinking of getting one that’s all.

    Our Golden Retriever died last March and we feel its time we got another dog now.

    All the Bedlington Terriers I’ve seen seem nice and calm things and that is appealing after the madness of our Retriever for nearly all of his life.


    Nice enough wee dogs but q a few have inherited liver disease-copper storage disorder that won’t show till adult/older + is incureable tho treatable to some extent. Pretty much all pedigree dogs have some more or less common inherited problems-Cat + Dog Home + x-breed would be my advice.

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    Wolfhound? happy to lie around all day so long as they get a run when you get home. They’ll eat the odd small child, but there’s so many of them in the streets, no-one will notice.


    my mums got one, loves killing rabbits and rats which is no bad thing out in the sticks. My mum spoils it rotten and its trained to an absolute minimum so does pretty much what it wants, but it is fairly chilled out, and they’re intelligent things, so training would make them into a nice well behaved dog imo…

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    I have a 3yr old Bedlington. Fantastic dog, but only moderately calm (calmer than a retriever, madder than a cavalier spaniel for example). Like most breeds, individual dogs have very different personalities. If you have any questions ask away. I would definately recommend one, though they do tend so establish a particularly strong bond with one family member (not that unusual) and need a fair amount of exercise.


    cancel the risks of inbred pedigree traits but keep the crazy lovable bedlington character by getting a bedlington / whippet cross.
    Train it right and it’ll put organic , free range meat on your table !!
    Mine’s a great character but he’s no “calm thing ”

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    have a bedlington whippet cross
    if your in the south plashett bedlingtons are breeders of working type bedlingtons and very nice people plus tested for the liver condition

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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