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  • z1ppy

    why not pop & see you local independant garages and engineering shops & see if some-one will do the job for you for a pint or two?
    I can’t see that expander bolt really doing anything useful, it’s meant for brick/concrete not metal on metal contact.
    I’ve had surprising amout of success with the old hammer and screw driver technique, as long as you can get in there and attack it evenly (all the way round), they normally come out pretty easy – though I understand it maybe impossible to get into some places with a hammer and screwdriver

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    Someone posted on here recommending using a quick release and some sockets. It really does work incredibly well.


    if you do “only” knock out the inner race, the outer race will be easy to remove as theres nothing pushing it into the frame. I had a pivot bearing in the top link on my Nomad explode when I tried to top it out, and after a moment of feeling slightly sick was relieved to find tapping out the outer race as a doddle.

    I use either sockets to push bearings in/out or try to use something made of alloy rather than a steel screw driver to knock stuff out, so if you DO slip you wont damage your frame (section of old handlebar, knackered Hope axle etc etc).

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    i’m struggling with some knackered pivot bearings that need replacing.

    but they’re impossible to remove using the good-ol’ screwdriver+hammer technique.

    i could buy a pulling collet, and a slide hammer, but that would cost me about £100!

    or i could buy on of these for £2:

    do they actually work?

    i’m just a little concerned about knackering something important / only removing the inner race…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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