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    Try Doug at Basque MTB? Cracking beaches along the Basque coast.


    south of france. Monaco area has nice trails and just across into italy is supposingly nice….

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    Planning a week away early june with wife, baby and in-laws.

    Logistical problems mean my week in the Alps is not happening, so would like to get two or three days good quality guided riding, probably with bike hire incorporated into this holiday.

    Considering Italian Riviera or southern Spain (although we’ve been there loads and I can’t think of any MTB operators near the coast).

    Anywhere I’ve missed? Needs to be short haul and reliably sunny for in-laws.

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    Done the Spain thing. Cheap package with Globespan to the Costas via Malaga.

    Had 2 days biking with;
    Hire bikes are nice Konas.
    There is a good hotel across the road from Alans place, e-mail him for info.

    Also did a couple of days with;
    Need to use the train from the Costas to Malaga then change trains/stations to get to Alora. I managed it so anyone can 😉


    It has to be Sierra Cycling. They are based in Southern Spain. They only have a 20 minute transfer time from Malaga airport and they are 50 metres from a golden sandy beach. They have some great accomodation with a private garden and a pool. They have a good selection of Kona Hardtails and Full sussers to hire out and all rides are guide and bus supported.

    The riding is good and tends to be aggressive XC rather than full on Alpine downhill, but there is tons of excellant single track to ride all day in fantastic weather. Lots to do in the evening and plenty of great places to eat out as well.


    3rd sierracycling, enough for the non bikers to do. Good cycling available for you. Alan does good deals and the accomodation is of a good standard.


    For a possibly too soft option – check out Sunsail and Neilson – they are saling, dinghy, windsurfer, biking and pool.

    I’d suspect the biking may not be tough enough – but the local guys may know wsome god bits. (Greece was mainly firetrails, odd singlerack)

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Thanks guys, Sierra and Basque MTB both look very promising.

    Glad nobody pointed out I was being a selfish git and should just sit on the beach with family and stop trying to go biking all the time.



    lots of nice looking beach photos on BasqueMTB’s flickr page too:


    You can ski at Isola2000 in the morning and then go to the beach in the afternoon so I would imagine there must be quality biking around there too.

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