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  • Nowt to see here…move along now.
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    There does appear to be something…

    Care to explain?



    You do make a point.


    It was a discussion I thought might be worth having but decided against it.

    EDIT: Please, let’s not descend into surrealism. There’s been enough of that today.

    Tell us what it was and we can discuss whether it’s worth discussing?

    No you furry fecker.


    something about fish DNA being implanted into dance teachers


    ………………. :?…………….

    Okay then, what do others think? IMO I think we have a right to know what DD was thinking of posting and then decided not to post.

    Failing that I think a frank and honest discussion about whether or not we should have it to discuss could be a valuable exercise reagrdless of knowing the original topic.

    Jeebus. Thankfully it’s late. This’ll burn itself out by the morning. 🙂

    How’s Spud iDave?

    How’s smoke free life treating you fuzzball? Another day clean? 8)


    Spud is asleep on my lap after a nice snowy run. Cheeky disobedient wee fecker though. But ace. When do you get yours?

    Haha, yeah still no smoke. Nicotine stained fingers are gone, with any luck the burns will be out of my coat within the month. You?



    Nothing to see here… move along.

    Sorry iDave.

    I reckon it was about petty petit-bourgeois faux-toff ponces moaning about students or something….

    Whatever, time for a nice pic, I reckon. Never let an opportunity go to waste, is what I always say.


    shhhhhhh, don’t mention ‘that’ thread…..

    I’m still trying to figure out the significance of the painting.

    Molly arrives on the 7th Dec 🙂 We can’t wait.

    Yes Yeti, another day free. Blew into the CO monitor in Boots today to prove it. A big fat zero. I found out that the stop smoking lady…wait for it…smokes 😆

    What thread should hairy spine not mention?

    Uploaded with


    the mythical thread killer thread, that is remarkably hard to find via the search function


    I went into Boots near me and had an argument with the pharmacist lady because of you! Had to smoke after to calm down! 😆

    It was about whether “prison works” I reckon (going by the pre-edited thread title)

    Why? Would they not give you the drugs on the cheap?

    No they wouldn’t! I chucked them on the counter and flounced all my way to lloyds pharmacy.

    Anyone know what ernie’s talking about? Deluded I tell ya.

    Well you know what I’m talking about, although no one else might.

    What was their reason? No stop smoking club there? Maybe it’s just in the bigger branches…hmmm. Sorry though. Crapski.

    EDIT: I call it a club like I meet the other members. I don’t.


    was it this video of awesomeness?


    The geezer on the programme couldn’t get his methadone from the chemist’s when he left prison…….is that the connection ?

    ernie – who cares about the original thread this none topic is now way more betterer than it could ever possibly hope to have been.

    The lady said that only a Dr could hook me up with such cheap prescription gum. I almost leapt over the counter to bite her nose off then thought better of it so just had a little bit of a sulk and a ciggy.

    It was the smoking stop-smoking lady what told me in the first place. I just had to sit in a glass booth, give some details, have a prostrate massage and off I went with my first two boxes. Look it up ont web. I think I posted a link on the thread which caused the trouble for you in the first place.

    Ah, no worries DD I reckon the one pack I bought should be enough 😀

    Brakes that vid is pretty good but I couldn’t recognise Surf Mat in any of the clips so without wishing to be pedantic… video < awesome.

    I like that pic iDave posted; what is it and who by? Not seen that before.

    lemon juice is good for nicotine stains on the finger tips and nails….

    that is my contribution x


    Get back from work and look whats happened…..

    Ho hum

    The Southern Yeti – Member
    I went into Boots near me and had an argument with the pharmacist lady because of you! Had to smoke after to calm down!

    You haven’t been smoking have you?

    You were doing so well.

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