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  • willej

    Sounds like you've got things under control. I'm really looking forward to it.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    can you arrange, dry but not too hot weather and i want my prizes presented by Lily Allen please


    what do you get for sponsoring and what is the rate? who else is involved?

    Had to ban Lilly I am afraid after some unfortunate photographs which we could only supress if we agreed not to be seen again together in public.

    Dry warm weather is arranged with quite a lot of sunshine during the lake jump but some cloud cover so it doesn't get too hot later.

    Latest news is that Springsteen has pulled out but the good news is that Bono is definately not going to be there.


    the beer is sorted ❓

    Never fear it is indeed sorted, well the ale's anyway, cider is tommorow's job.
    The list of ale's however is a closely guarded secret for now.

    Loads of tickets selling
    Slows back down
    Big burst of sales
    Sponsor pulls out
    2 more step in
    Music on Sunday falls through
    Music back on for Sunday
    Need extra stuff

    If anyone wants to run the Big Bike Bash in the future they either love stress or don't know what they are letting themselves in for.

    I fell in to the latter category.

    But as I speak, my inbox has no unread email, the beer is sorted, the food is sorted, the music is sorted, the camping is sorted, the events schedule is provisionally sorted, the sponsors are sorted and I might just let myself have a swift half at the hotel bar.

    Any one else want to sponsor this event then email me.

    Any one want to buy a ticket then do it now please

    Any one who has some strange request or problem then post them on here, I have been up since 5am, am stuck in Berne, Switzerland with masses of work and I am tired.

    If only CFH could give out the prizes…!

    It woudl be like Fink-Nottle at Market Snodsbury all over again! 🙂

    CFH – If you turn up, I will let you hand out a prize.

    Premier Icon DezB

    CFH – If you turn up, I will let you hand out a prize.
    Not mine though eh? I couldn't stand my A&A physique being leered at.

    Surely you didn't think this would be easy eh WCA?? 😯

    I am WCA!

    I didn't think at all

    I'd love to, WCA, really I would, but can't make that weekend. Best of luck with it, though!


    Not planning BBB 2 then ?


    whats this? I've not heard owt about this? when is it? 😉

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