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  • Premier Icon jam bo

    e13 xcx fits easily and works a treat.


    Ok so I am finally ready to ditch my granny ring – looking for a chain device to fit my 2009 Orange 5. The front ring is a 36T (saint m810 crankset)

    Browsing the web it seems a few people have clearance issues; have any STWers had success with particular devices? E13 LG1 looks ok.


    Premier Icon scoobmw

    Good shout. Trying one on an Orange 5 myself and struggling with lining up the guide.
    How did you get on with rubbing of the chain on the device jam bo?

    Biggest issue for me is having to fit the guide, and tightening the BB with the guide straight – then finding that it shifts in the installation. And ‘straight’ is actually hard to assess.

    So always end up with rubbing – though tend to find its more running on the front (exit) from the device. Plenty of room at the back. Tempted to spin it fwd a bit on its axis.

    Also did you use the two supplied spacers? I’ve used one either side of the device mount and taken the normal 2.5 spacer away from drive side.

    Premier Icon T666DOM

    I ran an e13 BB chain device with no probs. Its for sale in the classifieds now. Just got to be careful tightening the BB as it can spin the chainguide around. Once tight it worked flawlessly

    Premier Icon Northwind

    09 Five should have iscg-old mounts should it not?

    Premier Icon scoobmw

    No ISCG mounts sadly.
    What would be handy I’ve decided is if I had an open ended BB tool rather than a full enclosed one.
    Simples. As then could loosen the whole thing off with everything installed and adjust on the fly. it’s hard tomwrk out where best to have the XCX in terms of front / back when you have to dismantle everything each time.

    And that’s before deciding where to put the spacers. I’ve gone for removing the 2.5mm existing spacer and put in one 0.5mm XCX spacer then the XCX then another supplied 0.5mm.

    Ah well – always good to be changing kit before events like the Tour de Ben Nevis eh ……. if you see someone cursing at a chain guide half way round then do say hello 🙂

    Premier Icon scoobmw

    Well to be honest – if you get the angle of the thing right first time then it just works. 10 minutes to take apart and refit at a different angle and job done. Good bit of kit.
    Thanks for the comments folks.
    T666dom – now shame I hadn’t noticed that earlier !!!

    Premier Icon jam bo

    I must have got lucky, took ten minutes to fit and havent touched it since.

    doesnt rub at all with a e13 33t chainring and 10spd setup.

    will get one for the HT next time I see one cheap on the classiflids.

    Premier Icon ads678

    Blackspire Stinger/Deore double 36/22 here, fitted in 5 mins and works greats. not sure what the issues other people are having are.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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