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  • Premier Icon Sanny

    I almost forgot I had Friday off too so rode out from Glasgow on the Fat Bike to the summit of the Campsies. Returned via the cliffs above Blanefield and rescued an injured lamb that had got stuck in a fence when I was heading down off the hill. A good 7 hour ride with a BLT sandwich from the ace wee deli in Blanefield to keep me going. Ideal preparation for the Saturday mini ride epic on the Buchaille.


    Did an alternative version of the C2C mixing bits of the C2C and Walney to Wear routes from Workington to Hartlepool to raise funds for a local cancer hospice. There were 15 of us and I’m the person who organised it all.

    Saturday – 99km from Workington to Shap via the Old Coach Road and Pooley Bridge over to Bampton.

    Sunday – 48km route from Shap to Tan Hill Inn where one of the riders had organised for some of his sports massage students to give everyone a treatment which was rather nice.

    Monday – 107km from Tan Hill to Hartlepool via Sleightholme Moor byeway, bridleway and finally the Castle Eden Walkway

    Had an awesome weekend and we’ve raised over £6000 so far.

    The only downer is that I came down with norovirus within hours of getting home and spent the whole of last night exploding from both ends. Only just felt well enough to surface now. Lost 8 pounds overnight!

    Premier Icon ceepers

    Well i had a great weekend lined up going with mates to afan which was stymied by my daughter getting a temperature of 40 and throwing up all friday night/ saturday morning! I spent most of the day on shift in the landing next to the bathrom with her. doh!

    I did manage to sneak onto brendon common / doone valley of exmoor on thursday where i found some sweet single track and the only rain showers for miles around

    sunday we managed to escape the house for a last quick blast of dry local trails before the rain came.


    I’ve been a greedy little jek for riding this weekend.

    Friday night: usual 20 miles odd, offroad and On.

    Saturday: chilled at home with wife and child.

    Sunday: Took wife & child to her friends in Matlock whilst I did the 5 dales route from the white peak book. Told the wife I’ll be back by 3, rucked up at 5. Excelelnt route, lots of hard horrible hills but loads of lovely singletrack, bluebell woods, rivers, hills and lanes, very excellent. I shall be quicker when I do it next time.

    Monday: Out again with my mate from 6pm till 10.30, mucking about in some local woods, some singletrack but fairly short sections, till sun down then a swift stella then home.

    Excellent weekend, fantastic weather.

    Premier Icon chrispuppet

    Great weekend completing the welsh ride thing. Fantastic riding, lovely camping in the woods. Had today off to recover my legs.


    Saturday – Trail Running.

    Sunday –
    Somehow ended up helping out moving stuff around on the trail …

    …whilst my young cousin bombed about further down the hill all afternoon.

    Then managed to get some archery in … 😛

    Monday – back out trail running in the woods.

    Premier Icon masterwatson2000

    Just a little run around Ramsbottom and an Errrrrr… Dinger in the pub afterwards this monday, but last weekend was a winner!

    LATE Monday Morning Debrief

    Premier Icon cheese@4p

    Had a great day out riding in the Peak District.
    Totally spoilt by having the wife’s bike nicked from the campsite.

    Premier Icon danrandon

    As I spent most of last week ill in bed with the flu, saturday and sunday mainly involved me thrashing out the last of the bug riding the local woods.

    Monday on the other hand was great, spent the morning teaching my daughter how to ride without training wheels. In the afternoon we took her to Hicks Lodge and she rode most of the yellow on two wheels. Go it felt great to throw those training wheels away.

    We kept her on them for longer than normal due to her having major brain surgery back in 2011 and we wanted to let the skull really heal well without any silly little tumbles.

    She has now chosen her own 661 pads and is looking for a full face helmet like daddys so she can ride some of the downhill bits in the woods with me. (crazy kid)


    Bottom of the second climb of the route. And yes my seatpost keeps slipping….

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