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  • Balance bike to pedal bike – when?
  • muddyground

    When he wants to is the short answer. Both my children decided when they wanted shot of the balancer and on to a pedal bike. If he wants one now, then go get one; both my kids were on pedal bikes before 3 years, it’s no biggie. As for which bike, any will do so long as you can carry it. Personally I’d go for a strong one with a big saddle as you will ride it yourself a few times…..

    Premier Icon Stoner

    as above, no specific time, but based on Jr Mk1 it becomes quite clear when they are ready (which may not be quite the same tie as they want to have pedals BTW).

    Jr Mk 1 was 3 and a half – but as a december child the riding “season” meant he was well into his 2nd summer before he got the time on the balance bike.

    His younger brother is 3 this July and will probably be on the pedal bike shortly before then. He could scoot his balance bike for 20 yrds with his feet up before his first birthday, but this spring he has only just started to get balance/brake handling good enough to introduce pedalling to him. Still 6 months in age before his bro, all because he is a summer-born bairn.


    Jnr FD is just over 3. He had a balance bike since the age of 2, but wouldn’t go near it.

    3 weeks ago he suddenly got on it and was riding straight away down hill with feet up. He could still improve some more, but keeps saying he wants pedals on his bike.

    So how long should we keep him going on the balance bike, and how do you tell when the right time is to move up to a pedal bike?

    Oh and what pedal bike, he’s currently got a Ridgeback balance bike, and it looks like they make some nice small wheeled bikes too?

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