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  • SteveBbrain

    I have neglected my wonderful mtb club of recent times (as have several more due to weather etc etc)but Friday we had organised a social get together – well a night out on the lash.
    All met up at Ossett (Wakefield)and had a brilliant night of getting pis$ed up and being silly. There must have been 30 members out! So our club is ‘alive and kicking’.
    I’m the oldest member (by a country mile) and even I didn’t get home till after 3.00 am. :mrgreen:


    have you sneaked into the study to play on the computer cos mary still isn’t talking to you after getting home so late?

    i’m still recovering myself, did absolutely nothing yesterday 😯


    Unfortunately, I missed it.
    Wtf were you till that time, Steve? 😯

    Premier Icon sparkyrhino

    f**kin piss heads, I had a great night drinking diet pop.And felt fantastic the morning after. 8)


    We were in the f’ing taxi for hours Chip! Could not believe it Stan, she bought the story about you leading me astray.. even let me cuddle up and all that!

    That Kebab place was the pits though.

    You’ve gotta come to the next one Chip. Epic!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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