Back on the bike: Bynack More (pics)

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  • Back on the bike: Bynack More (pics)
  • Kit

    There’ve been various reasons for it, but I’ve barely turned the pedals on either of my bikes in the past 12 months. Been trying to rectify that recently, and finally got a proper mountainbike ride in last weekend. Did the out-and-back Bynack More route from Glenmore Lodge on an absolutely stunning day last Saturday; was down to t-shirt and shorts at one point on the way up!

    [url=]Mist on Loch Morlich[/url] by Kit Carruthers, on Flickr

    [url=]Loch Morlich[/url] by Kit Carruthers, on Flickr

    [url=]Crossing the Strath Nethy[/url] by Kit Carruthers, on Flickr

    Mike’s not a mountainbiker, but has the fitness, whereas I have no fitness but a lot more experience on the bike. I managed the techy stuff (drainage ditches) and Mike just winched (on a Bothy Bikes hire bike 🙂 ).

    [url=]Mike's reflections[/url] by Kit Carruthers, on Flickr

    We left our bikes and walked the final 300m ascent to the top, where it was surprisingly calm. In fact the whole day had been, although the clouds came over later on.

    [url=]Bynack More summit[/url] by Kit Carruthers, on Flickr

    [url=]Descending North off the plateau[/url] by Kit Carruthers, on Flickr

    [url=]Looking up Strath Nethy valley[/url] by Kit Carruthers, on Flickr

    I really felt it after, and the next day too. But totally worth it!


    1 shed

    Beautiful, heading up there tomorrow.


    Nice. Looks like amazing weather for it. The first time I attempted Bynack Mor I was thwarted from the final climb to the summit by full on ice conditions. Crampons would have been essential. On another occasion when I did finally get to the top I’d popped into Bothy Bikes and asked what the descent from the summit was like. The one word answer ‘challenging’ was said is such a manner as to convey ‘there lies certain death’ that I also left the bike and went to the top on foot.
    Did you manage to get over the waterbars without any flats? I certainly didn’t. I think I actually got caught out on the same water bar each time.


    We watched a couple of guys coming down from the summit, but on walking up reckoned it was beyond my (and definitely Mike’s) abilities!

    I didn’t get any flats. Mike got two, including a silly one. I think after the second one on the descent he lost confidence, but we were near the bottom anyway. I think having a full-sus got me out of a lot of trouble on those water bars. Some of them are quite sizeable!

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Big like. Last weeks weather was just brilliant.

    Quality pics from a Sony full frame. I need a compact that would do a similar job!


    The Sony A6000 is supposed to be excellent, although maybe still a bit chunky. My mate had his Fuji XM-1 (?) which is really compact and takes great photos. Mine have had some processing too 😉


    you are clearly much more tallented in the photograph department than i am…..


    Thanks! Just a shame I barely get out on the bike 🙁

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