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  • Awesome 800m at the Olympics
  • don simon

    Everyone PBing or Nat Championing or beating some previous record. A great race.
    35 mins to go…

    Amazed Sea Bream Are Amazed!

    Premier Icon Blackhound

    Well said. I recall the Coe / Ovett era and races from Oslo etc, often with pacemakers. That was so fast. Osagie now 4th on UK all time list behind Coe Ovett and Elliott I think they said.


    Great run, made it look easy.

    Indeed, simply wonderful to watch!

    Far better than the sprint races, IMO.

    Streamlined Sea Bream is in training for 2016

    he wasn’t even slightly out of breath at the end 😯 just an astonishing run 😀


    darcy you are a proper plank.

    Incredible moment in sport, David Rudisha man of the Olympics.

    don simon

    More impressive that dude running on a broken leg. 😯

    OK I know this is a bike forum but…… if you didn’t see it, check it out. A world record run from the front, with virtually everyone in the field finishing in a PB. Our chap was last in 1:43!!!! I used to run 800m and Coe/Ovett were my inspiration, so I do appreciate a good 800 and they are usually rubbish at a championships, but that was truly awesome.

    Premier Icon bruk

    Gemma Gibbons our silver medal winning judoka fought with a broken thumb in her last 3 fights. Physics knew and said to her ‘you will be fine, strap it up and carry on’

    Impressive in a Sport where gripping is essential.

    Premier Icon mboy


    Just watched it (was out riding bikes this evening), what a race!

    Bloody incredible…

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    yeh, I’ve just watched it too – lovely runner
    a bit like that vid of the chinese 1500m swimmer, totally effortless (looking)

    Premier Icon aracer

    No pacemaker needed. Given the disparity in previous WR and OR times, I did wonder when the last time was the 800 WR was taken in the Olympics final (a quick browse of wiki suggests 1976).

    the teaboy

    An average of 12.5 seconds per 100m.

    Just astonishing.

    He makes it look so easy and is a proper ambassador for his sport and his country. Also nice to keep it in the family – his dad won silver in Mexico ’68.


    A fantastic run!

    For those that dont recall this guy knocked over 1.5 secs of the then world record!

    Florence 1981

    Premier Icon aracer

    An average of 12.5 seconds per 100m.

    …which is faster than one of the competitors in the 100m!

    And the best post event interview I think I’ve seen at the Olympics too.

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