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  • Audible books – any good ? Any recommendations ?
  • Premier Icon hels

    I have just signed up to this – hoping it might make bus journeys a bit more interesting (and I am violently ill if I so much as glance at a newspaper on a moving vehicle, I vom watching the Onedin Line etc etc).

    So has anybody tried this, and can you recommend some titles ? I am half way through a William Gibson but I think it is too complex I keep getting distracted, now totally lost and can’t figure out how to back track a few chapters.

    Premier Icon tall_martin

    I got the girl with the dragon tattoo as a free download from the guardian with them. Totally gripping but I listened to most of it driving up and down to Edinburgh and so thats two 6 hour chunks.

    If you want something short try a history of the world in a 100 objects. Its a podcast from bbc radio 4. Not sure if they are still about but they were 15 min long and almost all fascinated me.

    I also really enjoyed heart of darknes by Joseph Conrad as an audio book, again driving to Edinburgh.

    How about some short stories?

    Premier Icon hels

    Cheers will try the 100 objects right up my street. Have read the other two already !

    Short stories – good idea will look for some.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    I find I can manage to chew the first few pages but then my mouth goes dry and I lose my appetite.

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