Army Surplus Gortex Trousers To Cut Down To 3/4 Shorts?

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  • Army Surplus Gortex Trousers To Cut Down To 3/4 Shorts?
  • Wiksey

    I've heard on here somewhere of people getting some army surplus goretex trousers and cutting them down to 3/4 length shorts.
    I've got a couple of questions though:
    – How do they come up size-wise? (I seem to remember they come up on the large side i.e. order down a waist size)
    – Where have people been buying from? (or is it just any ebay seller?
    – What's an easy way to finish off the ends after cutting?


    Premier Icon curtisthecat

    I think it was Ton that was talking about these.


    I bought a pair for £17 off ebay (used of course but in perfect condition). Cant remeber the sellers details but there are plenty about. Size wise they are a bit small in my ipinoin especially in the arse and thigh dept but come quite long.
    The one failing is that they are cinch waist on lacky cord and the waist line refuses to hold up when wearing shhhhhhh dont tell anyone, lycra bib longs underneath.
    As for cutting them I am fortunate that my daughter is a clothes design student and has access to the proper seam welding machine for this type of fabric. You could use iron on hem stuff I suppose or the proper heat tape from an online haberdashery or just plain old double seam stitched.
    Not sure how I am going to work out how to keep them up on my beer belly or wether losing weight is the only option. 😆

    I got mine on ebay and got the local dry cleaner to do the cutting down.

    They are great!! I think I paid too much though, around 20 quid.


    order your normal waist size
    any army surplus store do them as new, do not pay more than £20
    where the zip ends on the bottom half just below the knee, there is a line all the way round.
    cut just below it, and they need no finishing off.


    and scruff, some place in Wolvo IIRC


    Get them hitched right up to your crotch, sit down with your knees at 90 degrees, see where you want them to come down your leg, cut them there. Find someone to hem them on a sewing machine – no need to use anything fancy – just polyester thread and a sharp needle.


    The bottoms of mine are so good I cant bring myself to cut them. Just pull the velcro tight and wear em full length.

    Not sure what size they are though, I tried on a few pairs at took the best fitting nice and high onthe waist these are worth buying even if you dont convert them.


    denbigharmysurplus is th eBay shop I got mine from. About a tenner – bargain I reckon. They do have a bit of a problem staying up as above – going to try braces & start a new fashion…


    I did the hem on mne with the iron on stuff and 12 months on they're as good as the day I did them, but they always used to slip down while riding. I've now replaced the elaccy in the waistband with a looong lace and they stay up just fine now.

    Oh yeah and no matter how sh*tty they are on the outside they're always dry inside.

    Any pix of you lot wearing em? they sound rather flappy!!


    I use mine as trousers they keep my legs warm and dry over the winter but not too hot. They are great I might get some more to cut down for when it gets warmer but stays wet.


    Another tip. Germany Gore Tex Flecktarn Jacket – soo much better than the silly flimsy crap you see in all the mags.

    Why do mags push £100+ jackets all the time? They even add 'Value'. WTF?

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Had ours for over two years, mine are cut down but the girls are still the same length, got ours off ebay, paid £5 a pair
    Kevin ripped his so has now got a pair of desert camo for £15
    They were all new



    Got mine mail order from Denbighshire Army Surplus £14 delivered – came next day. put the on mark the 3/4 point. Took off, laid flat on side and cut bottoms off using a stanley knife along a decent straight edge. No need to hem, also cut at an angle so they are shorter at the back to minimise bunching around back of knee – work great

    Think I've still got a couple of pairs I was issued kicking around somewhere…

    May have to dig 'em out..


    Do Denbighshire Army Surplus offer new or as new as possible? My local surplus place only offers patched up used versions.


    Cheers all

    Whos_Daddy – I'm a little more Ton sized than that, so anyone else feel free. Where did you get them from though?

    I've done a bit of searching on the bay and it's a bit of a minefield from what I've seen. There's a mix of used/unused/repaired/claimed sizes/varying prices and some don't even seem to be the real thing.
    Has anyone had any problems or is it a case of just find something the right waist size and give it a go?


    instead of using army gortex (i would not wear uniform out of work!) i am cutting down some old snowboard pants that i got from tk max a few years ago, they normally have a few in that are cheap at the end of the season.


    it says on the ebay advert (230405829322).

    – genuine & current German Issue
    – New & Un-used
    – Robust Flecktarn Camouflage Gore-Tex material
    – 100% waterproof & breathable
    – double press stud fastening with zip fly
    – velcro adjustable waist
    – 2 zip fastening hip pocket access
    – zip expandable leg bottoms
    – elasticated braces with quick release buckles
    – all stitched seams sealed with Gore-tex tape


    What you want are the German Army Gore Tex overtrousers. These have integrated braces.

    I bought a pair brand new off eBay for about £15 – the exact same as the ones in item number 370313857019

    You can also get German Army ones in Flecktarn camo pattern with the same braces. These tend to have the knee length zips on the lower leg rather than the velcro strap that the plain olive green ones have.

    Of course, either style can be cut down if you wish – but the advantage of the German Army ones is definitely the integrated braces which stop any issues when riding.


    ……thats you that is……..



    27" inside leg, so liek 3/4 on normal height people 😆

    There must be some bloody small soldiers in the German army


    I've been trying to get my hands on a pair of camouflage trousers, they are very hard to find. 😆


    had some of the drawstring waist ones. uk spec i think. cut them off and never needed to finish – they've been fine for over a year.

    just bought some US ones as they have a much better waist set up – popper and velcro.


    The two pairs I have had from Denbigh army surplus were new, but did – & still do – smell a bit "musty". They were ~£12 each inc. delivery which very quick. As well as keeping you dry, they are good for these current sub-zero conditions for keeping warm too.

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