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  • Are these stolen ?
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    Orange 5 RS 27.5
    Lapierre FS 600 Overvolt E Bike

    Both in cash converters High Wycombe both in almost mint condition, it’s roused my suspicion not only coz CC is so full of knocked off gear but if you owned these bikes especially the Lapierre why would you sell them to CC ?

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    in cash converters


    Can’t be too many of the overvolts around, post up details on as many forums as you can to see if you can reunite it/them with its owner

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    Well according to Crack Converters web site the Overvolt comes with the Charger, the Manual and the Key. So may be legit.
    Maybe the owner has hit hard times and needed instant cash rather than having his time wasted in the classifieds. Or a very careful thief found the charger etc in the shed next to the bike.

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    Or the bike was bought using a fraudulent transaction and converted into cash?

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