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  • Aquaplaning
  • eth3er
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    Just had a proper panty staining moment tonight on the way back from Buxton between Chapel-en-le Frith and Castleton. Turns out you can drive from beyond Castleton to Sheffield without going over 40. I have not been that scared for a long time.

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    Get some new tyres. You can’t get rid of the standing water, so tread depth and speed are the main factors. The other issue is width – if you have 295s on, you’ll suffer far more than with 165s.

    With decent tyres aquaplaning normally happens at 70mph and above. Mind you, I always buy directional tyres, generally Uniroyals.

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    I’ve never aquaplaned.. I’ve had deep puddles pull at the steering wheel tho…

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    Check your tyre pressures, first of all. Then, what Tron said.

    In mumble years of driving, I think I’ve aquaplaned twice; it proper wakes you up, doesn’t it.

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    You must have seriously bad tyres if your managing to aquaplaning at 40, or be in something like an F1 car

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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