Anyone use a Thermarest Neoair?

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  • Anyone use a Thermarest Neoair?
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    Yes. It's the comfiest I've ever been in a tent. The noise isn't too bad either – if your used to the noise a tent makes (with wind etc) then it won't bother you. Also rolls up to about the size of a small can of lager. Recommended by me.



    fab bit of kit, very comfy little noise as said above.



    As above. What are your experiences? I've heard they are noisy. Can anyone confirm / deny this?

    Cheers Anton


    Yep, got mine a couple weeks ago. In the past few weeks, I've spent 10 nights on a Fat Airic and 15 on the Neo Air (full length). The Neo Air is easily as comfy and only 410grms vs the Airics ~1800grms. The Neo Air is tiny packed as well, about half the size of a Prolite.

    Not sure about winter though and boy am I looking forward to when it punctures 🙁 Noise wise, it dunt keep me awake. You'll also need a lot less pressure in it than you expect as you'll want it nice and soft.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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