Anyone use a Jandd frame pack?

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  • Anyone use a Jandd frame pack?
  • steezysix

    I’ve just ordered a Deuter one from CRC – a little bit smaller but only cost about £14. Google “front triangle bag”.

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    I have one. It”ll easily fit everything you list, plus a jacket. It’s fairly secure but not nearly as nice as something like the Revalate or Alpkit frame bags. I can’t remember how long postage took but I do remember it was expensive. Have you seen these?

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    Image0149 by ir_bandito, on Flickr

    Secure, waterproof. What more could you want…

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    I got one from here to use bikepacking as it fits quite neatly in a full suspension frame.

    Sweden is EU so no import duties. Can’t remember how much postage was but I think the pack was about £35. Delivery was less than a week iirc.

    Not had the chance to use it yet, but the build quality seems really good.

    Want to ditch the camelbak for local rides and looking as these as an alternative to saddle bags, etc.

    Anyone use one of these? Wondering whether it is big enough for tube/pump/tool kit/phone/keys etc, and also it is secure as wouldnt want it moving around too much.

    Finally, whats the delivery time like, and im guessing i’ll get stung by customs with it coming from the US?

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I may give the Deuter one a go from CRC for the price.


    got a a jandd. £15 off ebay, new, delivered from US.

    works great. I use it on long road rides – can get a jacket, food wallet and maps (not OS) in it.

    It’s not as nicly made as my wildcat bag; but it holds stuff ok.

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