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  • Anyone us DM steel toe work shoes?
  • rc200f8

    Doc marten Holkhams for me, steel toe capped oiled leather ankle height boot, like a well worn slipper from day one.


    I have a well used pair and just bought a new pair to keep clean for site meetings etc. So far I can’t wear them for more than around 20 mins per day. They are so painful I can barely bring myself to do it daily. I don’t remember my other pair being this bad. They fit well but just need to break in. I’m used to squeezing into climbing shoes so I’m no stranger to painful feet.


    OK, bit of a long shot……

    After a pair of steel toe work shoes/boots for work, have used DM steel toe work boots in the past, but they seemed to take months to bed in, before becoming mega comfortable, just wondering if the shoe version take less time to wear in?

    Was looking at the 2216 version?


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    Use the boots were comfy as after a days work. a work m8 has the shoes and loves them.


    The day my boots finally broke in was a good day!

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    I had a pair of 9 hole DM boots at work, I broke them in by wearing my sealskinz socks and filing the boots with water several times throughout the day. 2 days and they were perfect


    Steel toe cap DM chelsea boots here. bought them cause i didnt like the “point” on proper chelsea boot toes, these have quite a boxy front end. Very comfy, very hard wearing (5 years of pretty much every work day, still going strong).
    I can do meeting type site visits without having to change into my proper lace up site boots, and can buff them up back to smart black leather for smart days.

    The toe cap squeaked something rotten when i first got them, but it died down in the end, i think that was a one off fault

    [edit: re read your post, sorry thats not much help!]

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    I wear the 2216 shoes. 12 hour shifts with plenty of time on my feet. They felt like slippers from day one. I did go up a size though. I will replace them with the same shoe. I’m heavy on shoes, they only normally last 12 months if I’m lucky, but my current pair are 18 months old.


    I have worn 2216 shoes for many years now and are my preferred footwear as I find them very comfortable. Break in can take a few days until the fold over your instep develops. However the last pair rubbed at the heel for a few days as well.


    Current 2216 wearer. Awful for a few weeks, very comfortable now.

    Tend to last around 18 months daily use. Sole separated on last pair.


    Mine squeak when I walk, apparently this can be quite common and it is bloody annoying.

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