Anyone tried Rainlegs (see below if confused)

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  • Anyone tried Rainlegs (see below if confused)
  • druidh

    Might be a partial solution but you’d still get water running down your legs.

    Waterproof shorts also keep your arse dry.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    They look ridiulous. For short gaiters, one of the specialist French adventure racing brands does proper, short, waterproof ones, sorry, can’t remember the name of the brand. There’s a US company that does something similar as well and The North Face sells ones that match to their running shoes, but may be adaptable to fit others.

    PMSL !! NEVER 😳


    ok, feel free to take the pi55. I’ve got a pair for use on my scooter and they’re great. Loads of cyclists in holland use them – perfect for riding round town when it’s raining if your bike already has mudguards to keep the spray down.


    I carry a set. I found them good for commutes etc. Easy to put on, no undressing required or removing of shoes. No sweat build up, so very nice for summer showers. Free leg movement and no tangling in the chainrings. A bit odd looking at first take but so is a lot of bike gear, just look at cyclists in general!


    Likewise, I carry a set in all seasons bar summer. Based in various locations so spare set of clothes at work not an option, and they stop the top of your legs getting absolutely soaked in a downpour. Best used with full mudguards though.

    I’ve got a grey pair which do look ridiculous. Notice they’ve started doing them in black.

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    Great for commuting, not for off-roading though (there’s a pair of elastic straps around back that like to hook up on your saddle). Waterproof shorts a better bet on a mountain bike.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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