Anyone take the kids for a ride today??

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  • Anyone take the kids for a ride today??
  • Premier Icon Ogg

    Took my 6 year old round Thetford – she managed to crash about 1km out cut her chin, arms and knees
    she then puked and fainted, she took 20 minutes sitting with her mum till she recovered enough to ride back.
    All fine after an ice cream though and has being running around all the rest of the day.
    She’s obviously being listening to me though as she reckons she needs a new bike now 😉

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    took my 9yr old round 7-8km of blue trail at moors valley park on Friday

    she thought it was great, knackered at the end mind (FFS!)


    took my 2 (3 & 6) to the new pump track in Bristol – great fun – “stand up” “pump your arms” “like riding a horse” etc… sweaty smiley fun.

    Premier Icon Monster101


    3 and a half laps of carron valley’s runway with Andrew my 9 year old in the pishin rain

    He loved it! Hitting Inners tomorrow for some me time!


    Had my two out on the cycle path. They get a bit competitive though and try and overtake each other. All good fun 🙂

    I did! Took my 11 year old daughter for a 24 mile’er and she loved it!

    The 14 year old got a lift to the pub.. teenager’s eh!

    Loads of good fun in the sun 😀

    Premier Icon Grim

    Just back from a night ride with my 13 year old. It was his first and he loved it, hopefully he is hooked!



    Took my 2 out on their bikes today.

    Our 7 yr old was flying around on his bike and making very tight fast turns until he tried it on loose gravel and lost the front. He then howled for 30 minutes saying he’d broken his arm until he decided he wanted to go out on his scooter and seemed to forget about the gravel rash.

    Mark N

    Yep, morning at GT and then a 22K natural trail loop. Muddy foot but loved it. First big ride and I am sure he will be out again.


    I dropped them off…….at the pool.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Took the two on tagalongs around the blue at cannock, then took them on the red trail from the caravan site bit. They loved it. Tagalongs don’t like steep sided rollers though, they tend to ground out.

    Premier Icon igm

    Took 5 year old and 8 month old up the cycle path to a barbecue. Too hot for real cycling round here today.

    (No the 8 month old isn’t riding his own bike yet – I mean I know this is STW but give him a chance)

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