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  • Anyone read War and Peace?
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    Much easier to read than Moby Dick though, persevered through that, it doesn’t help that Melville offered his opinions on what a Whale is

    I read that fairly recently. It is hard going – and the actual whale is hardly featured! However, I read it as how science saw whales at the time and not specifically the author’s opinion.

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    I would love to read it but I’ve long recognised the impact that my previous career (lawyer) had on reading: I spent 12+ hours a day reading tedious, turgid contracts and the last thing I wanted to do to relax was to read. I think several years passed when I didn;t read a book. And I very nearly read English Lit at university.

    My “fix” has been to read novellas as they’re short enough that, even if they take several weeks of picking up and putting down, I’ll finish them.

    But I would dearly love to have the mental space and energy to immerse myself into a book like that.


    I like Tolstoy, but can’t get through Dostoevsky at all.

    I read War and Peace in my early 20s and loved it – as others have said, I felt bereft when I finished it. I enjoyed Anna Karenina too (except for the monologues on agricultural practice).

    Conversely I started and failed to finish the Brothers Karamazov twice, then gave up for good.

    Twice .. Once at Uni (totally unrelated to my subject) and then I picked it up like an idiot in the middle of revision for my MSc (eventually forced myself to finish it in about 3 days).

    I agree its hard to get into, but by the end you want it to go on and on.

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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