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  • Anyone live in Worksop? Opinions wanted.
  • I live between Worksop and Sheffield, a village next to dinnington. The general area is good for a1/m1 access, not too sure what Worksop is like to live in but ride out that way occasionally, it’s on national cycle route 6 which takes you through clumber park and to Sherwood pines if you follow for long enough(15 minute drive, hour cycle maybe from Worksop) and there are a few hidden gems too.

    Hope that helps a bit.


    Worksop to Lincoln must be more like 45 minutes, maybe even more at commuting times.

    It’s all ex-mining in that area so not some of the surrounding areas can be a bit grim, but then you’re coming from Scunthorpe so it’s all relative 🙂

    Plenty of road and off-road biking for after work sort of stuff in the area. National cycle route 6 takes you to Clumber and there’s the Dukeries trail which will take you all the way to Lincoln.


    Yeah living in Worksop would give her a 41 min commute and me a 30 min, so a village on the lincoln side of worksop should even things out (it’s about 40 mins from scunthorpe to lincoln).


    So myself and my partner currently live in Scunthorpe, she works in Lincoln and i’ll shortly be starting my new job in Sheffield. So as you can see, there’s no need to stay here any longer. Ideally i’d like to move to Sheffield but the commute for her would be a bit much, so looking on the map living in Worksop (or near a bouts) would give us both a 30ish min commute.

    Does anyone live there? Good point/Bad points? Any villages nearby worth a look?

    We’re not after much just a fairly nice area with a pub and some shops. I ride both road and MTB, I like the idea of being fairly close to the peak for some weekend rides but it would be nice if i had some door to door stuff to get stuck into during the week.

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    I work in Worksop and live 8 miles away in Creswell.

    As mentioned, it’s a little run down and slightly full of scrotes!
    Worksop as a town is fairly shi’ite, unless you like charity shops. There is a new bike shop (Santa Cruz Dealer) and a Halfords available.

    Access wise, I find it good – easy access to M1/A1/M18 gives quick travel in any direction…
    Local riding is limited to fairly straight forward old school XC and cheeky footpaths, Sherwood Pines is 15mins drive away but only slightly more technical than the natural trails in the area.
    Within an hour though you have edale and cannock…


    Auto correct will tell everyone you live in Workshop.

    Would she be happy to start hunting for a job in Sheffield too? I hope Worksop is in a better state than when I was at school nearby in the mid-90s – the closure of the pits had just killed the place…

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    I grew up not a million miles away but almost a million years ago, so things have probably changed. However, I would look slightly North. Blyth, Barnby Moor, Ranskill, Bawtry, Tickhill.

    Ideally you both need to work/move to Sheffield.


    Obviously Sheffield would be the perfect place to live (for me anyway), but as she is the bread winner earning more than double what I do i’d struggle to convince her to move near to my lower paid job.


    I was born there but we moved away (Skegness) before I could remember much. Remembering the last few visits to see relatives conjures up images of it generally being a bit crap and run down. We went out for a few drinks on a Friday night expecting there to be a bit of life about but the busiest place we found was a half empty Wetherspoons.

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    To me, any commute more than half an hour is significant, and the worst bit of any commute is getting into a city, the miles on easy roads are no big deal. You’ve actually got a pretty decent commute to Lincoln and Sheffield starting in Scunny, with the A15 and M180/M18.

    Retford is quite nice with the market place and lots of the villages around it are very nice indeed. Bawtry is where the poncier monied set of Doncastrians hang out. Both put you close to the A1 and give another decent route to Sheffield. Gainsborough sounds posh, but really, really isn’t.

    Probably too far north to matter to you, but there’s a new link road being made right now from J3 of M18 across to Rossington and the airport which will make access to Sheffield easier for that area.

    Or you could find a job in Lincoln, and move there.

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