anyone know much about the cannondale rz 140 5?

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  • anyone know much about the cannondale rz 140 5?
  • no personal experience but I know Pauls are doing the 6 cheap

    and I read a magazine review that basically said it was the best bike he’d ever ridden (might pop up on a google search?).

    i spotted that… but i really fancy the lefty fork as it’s light, stiff and looks different from the norm… oh, and i want it in white as all my bikes are white… lol

    My mate just bought the 140 7 (at least i think it’s the 7), one of the Paul’s deals. He’s extremely happy with his but in saying that he’s never owned a full sus before. However another guy i used to know quite well, who’s a habitual bike changer, raves about his on a couple of irish mtb forums. Plus the research myself & my mate did basically we couldn’t find a bad review of one of the rz140’s infact in saying that you’d struggle to find even an average review.

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    Very stiff frame from what I’ve read. There are a few threads in the cannondale forum on mtbr. I really fancy a rz 120 when I get back on the bike again.

    saw one yesterday… really loved the look of it… very light, 140mm travel front and rear (as opposed to the rz 120) and a funky left fork up front… it was a 2010 bike buyable for circa £2k… the rz140 has been dropped for 2011 in favour of a new jekyll.

    anyone have one or can comment on how it works as a ‘all day’ medium travel rocketship? (an alternative to a trek fuel ex / santa cruz superlight / giant anthem

    sounds quite good… just got to work out whether it is worth spending the cash now…

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    Any idea what edition of ST Benji did the review?


    all day medium travel rocketship

    That’s exactly what it is. I have an ’08 Rize and it is just awesome. Long and rangy with spot-on slightly aggro UK trail geometry. Rag it round your local loop and feel fresh enough to go round again. Beautiful frame, carbon seatstays wind up in the corners and fire you out it feels fantastic.

    Buy one you won’t regret it.

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