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  • Anyone know anything about washing machines?
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    The seals are a consumable, buy a new one online and fit it yourself.

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    Jump on that YouTube. Parts 4 You have a load of useful tech videos for a variety of appliance based issues. Certainly helped us last week when our tumble drier seemed to be at death’s door.


    I can’t imagine they taste very nice.


    And if you can’t fit it yourself get a local appliance repair bloke to come and embarass you with the ease of someone who’s done it before. Probably a bit like servicing forks…


    Exactly the same thing happened to our Hotpoint about 2 months ago. The father-in-law said he’d fixed a few washing machines in the past and if I bought the part online for £25 he would fit it for me…

    …took him 6 hours with loads of swearing and blood stains around the seal.

    Just something to think about.


    Our washing machine, top pic, has developed a split in the inner rubber seal, bottom pic. Is this an expensive and/or relatively easy DIY repair?

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Go for it …

    I am a DIY retard and I fitted a new pump. With the Internet it’s easy to find a guide and order the right part (the pumps are shared by many machines). I’m sure the same is true of other components like the seal


    Yes ….

    AND ….. can be done DIY – BUT – Hoover/candy tend to be a one piece cabinet, i.e. difficult to access because you cant get the front off. Best way to tackle it DIY would be to remove the lid, remove front control panel and go in from the top or bottom, possibly with the machine laid on its back – all depends on the locations of the tightening screws for the seal. Most machines are pretty straightforward but hoover/candy stuff can be a real bar-steward, expect to pay £60-80 or so for some bod to scuff his pinkies. Needs sorting though and DONT use it as ive seen dozens of these with blown boards due to a seal perishing and leaking onto the electrics …
    I have my own way but you would need special tools …. 😉


    Pay a professional to do it and spend the time fettling your bike or even riding it.

    Belec if you’re near Bury, Lancs.


    As Footflaps writes – repair it yourself. No need for panel removal or the like, looks like you have to remove the seal clamp and it’ll pop off. Reverse procedure to refit.

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    buy the part and fit it yourself, it should unroll like a johnny and have a circular spring/clip bead which holds it in place, the moral of the story is zip up your clothes before washing, its usually an open zip that causes the tear in the seal.

    mines taped up with duct tape.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Replaced ours on LG – cost £20 and about 20mins as part of a bigger repair job (main bearings, hence the pic below…)

    Sunday’s fun 🙁 by matt_outandabout, on Flickr
    Follow this video:

    Premier Icon Pook

    Changed a seal here. Easy with YouTube. The hardest bit is getting the metal lock ring off.

    You will need to remove the front panel (6 screws on mine)

    Seal cost me £15.


    Normally ok, but as I said
    making it a bitch if you`ve never tackled a hoover – give it a shot anyway and lets see how things pan out … 😉

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