Anyone in the Weymouth vicinity like good food?

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  • Anyone in the Weymouth vicinity like good food?
  • Just had a really great meal – expensive but amazing value despite that:

    One of those newfangled pop-up restaurants, open in Weymouth until the end of the month. Highly recommended! 🙂

    Mmm, lunch…


    ‘ow much?

    Couldn’t see prices on the menu based on a quick glance…

    Can’t access Facebook in the office, but am down that way with work a couple of times per month…what was the food like? Price per head etc?

    Weymouth always seems a bit bereft of good restaurants, so will give this place a try.

    £45/head for canapés followed by five courses. It seats twenty and often gets booked up but we were there on a quiet night. I don’t often go to posh restaurants (wife is too much of a fussy eater and we’re too poor) but we were blown away!

    It’s this kind of stuff – quite magical:

    Our particular menu was:


    Sumac & Pine Nuts

    Kimchi, Cucumber & Coriander

    White Rock Chicken
    Crab, Butternut & Mushroom

    Mango & Lime

    Chocolate & Sea Buckthorn

    As you can imagine, that’s a very minimalist description of the food!

    The head chef, Claire, was serving as it was a quiet evening, talked us through each dish and came out for a chat once service had ended. This pop-up ends in a few weeks, and then she’s doing one in Barbados over the winter. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her with a load of Michelin stars in a decade’s time!


    Looks nice but I’d count all that as a single course…bit expensive…



    In a kind of makes your money disappear kind of way?

    I’d need to stop off at the chippy on the way home..

    It cost about the same as my handlebars… 😉

    The bread was great too – freshly baked top notch brown and white, and then three different butters – truffle, seaweed and unsalted (this was particularly remarkable) – and presented on a chilled rock!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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