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  • Anyone here used Auxillis for sorting out a no fault insurance claim
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    Wife’s car got a bit of a scrape while parked at Nursery. Nothing particularly serious but the other party wants to put it through their insurance

    Contacted Admiral (our insurer) and they advised that no fault claims are dealt with through a company called Auxillis who will pursue the third party on our behalf.

    They extend 49 weeks credit to us for repairs while they pursue the third party through their insurer. The online document we have to sign is full of baffling legalese and it all seems much more complicated than the last time someone bumped me and our insurer just dealt with it directly and simply told us which body shop to go to.

    So has anyone dealt with them before?



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    Seems they are a credit hire company.

    Last time my parked car was hit I notified my insurer but claimed direct from the other parties insurance co.

    (Albany was rebranded as Auxillis)

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    Thanks for that irc.

    I doubt very much if we will need a hire car. We have another car and its likely to be a very simple repair.

    I think I’ll try contacting the third parties insurance directly.

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    Good luck with that, our car was clipped by an ATS van in a car park, minor damage basically scuff and cracked light cluster. Driver admitted fault, logged so his company were aware, they passed me on to their insurance company. They are just not set up to deal with talking to a individual not another company. It dragged on for three months with no progress so went through my insurance and got it resolved in days. So instead of paying a couple of hundred quid as I had been quoted, I hate to think what the actual bill was as my insurance sorted out a hire car probably for that cost per day plus the actual repair.

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    Well I’ll give them a try first. I don’t really want to have to use a CMA it just bumps up the cost for everyone.

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