Anyone got Gaerne Polars?

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  • Anyone got Gaerne Polars?
  • Just to keep the winter boot content up today, wondering if anyone has got these boots? They’re going cheap on CRC ( so in my continuing quest to find some decent winter boots for less than a gazillion pounds I thought I’d try them. I got them yesterday and I’m wondering whether to send them back.

    My original shimmy W101’s had the infamous neoprene ankle, which just let water straight through, then I found some diadora artic’s which were gore-tex and really well designed, with a high stitched-in waterproof tongue gaiter. The problem with the diadoras was the incredibly flexy sole which lead to the soles dropping off after 4 months (good for being able to move your feet though).

    The gaernes look good construction-wise, nice fleecy lining, the sole is V stiff, however the tongue is just some foamy fabric, and def not waterproof. Any real-world experience out there?

    Water ‘running down my leg’ into the boot is not an issue thanks – before that old chestnut comes up again …


    I have the early ones and reviewed them here:

    Still going strong now and still warm and waterproof after 1000s of miles and many years…


    Are the uppers leather or man made fabric?
    Also, whilst searching for winter shoes, saw These Diadoras on Merlin at half price.


    Fixed the link for you since they aren’t in my size 😉

    I think at that price the Diadoras are worth a punt! – p.s. they are road shoes.

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