Anyone go for a few days holiday by themselves?

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  • Anyone go for a few days holiday by themselves?
  • Premier Icon Northwind

    Yup. Also how I tend to do mtb events/races etc. It’s not that I don’t like company, I just also like doing stuff alone.

    Premier Icon surroundedbyhills

    Not an uncommon desire in men, the pleasure in solitude.


    Yup all the time, usually up the lakes. Much more free to do your own thing & run at your own pace.


    I go on my motorbike, throw a tent & stuff on the back & go, end up wherever I am, never did it in the campervan though, I really wanted to but the opportunity never came.

    IMO it’s one of life’s little luxuries, speak to no one, just drop off the grid for a bit, I take my phone but everyone knows not to call unless it’s a massive emergency, I’m planning on touring Europe next year some time & again just going wherever I want, probably navigate following the sun & weather forecasts 😀 with absolutely no route in mind, decide whether to turn left or right once I’ve got off the ferry.


    Ypu gettign my kit together over this year then next year going to be doing something like this a few times – float plane 😀


    Premier Icon jamj1974

    I always take Mr Rodney Coleman with me.


    Yup but you really need about a month.

    I often sod off for a week or so, clears my head, clears my soul.

    I find after about 4 days in I’m just about “me” again 😉


    Many years ago i spent a week in Croatia all by myself. Was really nice actually. Didn’t eat and drink a massive amount. Read a few books and did lots of walking. Think i ended up coming home a few pounds lighter.

    Divorced. Work most weekends when mates are all off. Work in a seasonal industry so no holiday Easter to October when everyone else is on holiday. Couldn’t be happier 😆
    Do a lot of riding locally and away trips with friends when we can all fit it in and alot alone when we can’t. Northwind hit the nail on the head as usual,
    It’s good to enjoy yourself with other people, it’s also fun to do the things you love just for yourself sometimes.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Was just thinking today how nice it would be to go for 3 or 4 days away all by myself (have wife and 3 young children) and not speak to anyone and just ride some big hills / trails and or go surfing.
    Yes its pretty selfish but have the urge to jump in the van and drive.
    Anyone actually manage to do this every now and then??
    Im not sure my wife would actually understand my motive / reason of wanting to go alone and get offended no doubt.


    Yeah, I went to Whistler for 2-3 months by myself and it was awesome. I’m planning on doing a Ride Portugal long weekend package thing next year as well. None of my mates ride at the same sort of level as I do as they’ve only just started, so I’d never get to go riding anywhere different if I was waiting for them to acquire the rad skillz to go on a decent riding holiday.

    I reckon traveling alone is better anyway. With mates is a good laugh especially for a lads holiday type thing, but I love being alone by myself in a different country.


    Done loads of solo trips, love it.

    Premier Icon lapierrelady

    Not just a man thing…


    I went away for 3 months on my own when I was 23.


    Just looking into it now. Cant quite decide where at the moment


    Yep, I find 2 or 3 days a few times a year is plenty for me to recharge and become ‘me’ again. I’m off to dartmoor with the bike at the end of the month. Wife is similar but less self aware, so I order her to go every now and again! She’s off on a trampolining coaching course this weekend. Also very important that the two of us get away without the children for a few days, thankfully my mum and/or sisters are usually happy to take them.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Mrs Stoner gives me a couple of weekend pink slips a year. I usually go for a long walk and sleep on the hills.
    Not tried anything longer yet – not sure it would be fair.
    Although last year we did get my folks to babysit for 4 days for Mrs S and I to go away for a break and get jiggy visit some vineyards in peace and quiet.


    If I dont go away on my own a couple of times a year the Mrs gets the hump

    Premier Icon ton

    me and the wife have always had 1 weeks holiday apart, since we 1st married 23yrs ago.
    i spend my week cycling, she spends her week drinking in the sun with her friends.

    Premier Icon sparksmcguff

    Yep, to the lakes, near/in a good pub (the pub might be a bit ideosyncratic but the beer should be good). Two young kids here and work with people so time alone is a godsend. Usually meet some nice folk out on the trails for a chat.


    yep, pretty much all the time! One of my most memorable trips was driving around New Zealand in a campervan for a month. such good times 🙂

    Premier Icon Storer76

    Frequently. She Who Must Be Obeyed and I have different tastes in holidays, so I go off for a few days and ride/snowboard/etc by myself. It’s not a problem for either of us.


    Yeah did it earlier in the yr, me,car bike and tent 🙂 … headed towards avebury and camped at a lovely site, and picked up some great trails like the ridgeway etc … nice to be on my own ….wife was still at work and my lads were at college and uni etc ….
    will defo do similar thing next yr


    I used to do it a lot, and loved it.

    I work on my own 10-12 hours a day now though and don’t feel the need to do it as much 🙂

    It’s a solitude thing, its good for you to have some time alone I reckon.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Yep. Have to wait until she’s off to the inlaws in Cornwall with the kids. Hire a van, head for Wales.


    Yep, although, being single, I don’t have much of a choice!
    Used to just take a week or two off work, and doss around, going out for a day here and there. Three years ago I booked a week B&B in a pub down in South Hams, Devon, where I used to holiday as a youngster. Loved it, being away from everyone I know, walking the coast paths, and eating and drinking first class food and beer.
    Got to know a couple who live down there, who offered me the use of their guest accommodation, which means I’m free to just come and go as I please, in a lovely part of the country, and I love it, not sure if I’d actually like to have someone with me now.

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