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  • Anyone from DVLA (driving licence experience) in the house?!
  • Do you not have to wait for one year after the points are spent before they can be removed.



    I need to get an endorsement removed from my licence so I have a “clean” licence. Here’s the theoretical scenario (with dates changed for ease):

    1st August endorsement expires so can send off licence
    10th August leave the country to go and work in Europe for at least 6 months
    21st August (theoretical time DVLA will return licence with points removed)

    Therefore I’ve got a few questions apart from the obvious. Firstly could I send my licence in a couple of weeks before the 1st August so they can reissue it on the 1st? Secondly is there an express service (like the passport service) where I could visit the DVLA etc… to speed things up. Thirdly what would happen if I drove in Europe without a licence and got stopped and said it was with the DVLA etc…

    I’m sure this is a reasonably unusual question but I am likely take a role involving driving in Europe (France) so have a clean counterpart without having to explain an endorsement would just make life a whole lot easier (yes I know it has expired etc…)

    Thanks all.

    what mark says, are your points 3 years or 4 years old? They stop counting at 3 but stay on for 4.


    IME you won't get asked for the counterpart abroad


    The endorsement will have def expired by the date, the reason for asking is that it's an endorsement that stays on for 11 years from conviction, they are a bit harder to explain away… (no excuse but was over the limit the morning after a few ales the night before – note be very aware of long it takes for booze to leave your system if driving the next morning).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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