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  • Anyone else think lee quarry is s..t?
  • jaffejoffer

    We go from time to time because we can ride there and back over scout moor, can’t imagine driving 2hrs to get there tho!?

    Surely you’d be better off just carrying on up to Hebden and get on some legendary natural trails round there?

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    brant – Member
    Signage? Routes? I am confused. I just ride “around” when I’m there. It’s great in as much as it is. Puzzled.

    I did that when I last lived there, kept finding the wrong end of trails (this was about 2 years ago though it may be better) it’s not as cohesive as some places and yes it’s a mini skills park but thats also what can let a place down. The one at Glentress is busy with people going for a decent ride before/after.

    I’d also say avoid like the plague of it’s windy, having been taken a good couple of feet sideways on a table top and then found the rest fairly unpleasant it sort of put me off. One of the good things about the modern train centre is bad weather days. Going somewhere when you wouldn’t want to be out in the hills.


    I think it appeals to those who like to ‘play’ on their bikes rather than just knock out miles.

    I’ve been going on off since it first opened so no navigation problems & I love the place. From Brighouse, if I need a built trail fix, it’s my first choice. And hats off to PMBA for making so much happen in such a short space of time, & they ain’t finished yet! If only everywhere had a Tony Lund…

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    @blueadvocate I remember I think, you on the Trek…?

    Yep I was on the Trek.

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    I’ve only been there for the Brownbacks xc races a few years ago, but I think it a great venue! The course always had new bits in it and combined some great riding, fast rocky descents, tough climbs, some steepness and a touch of exposure to keep you focussed.

    I guess I’ve not really noticed the route markings as I’ve only been on a taped race-course. But having been shown all over the quarry via different race courses, I’d happily combine all these into multiple laps of varied fun.

    Yes its windy and cold, but you’re riding bikes, not having a picnic.

    Edit – and well done to Tony Lund for making this happen

    Surely you’d be better off just carrying on up to Hebden and get on some legendary natural trails round there?

    It seems the majority on here need baby sitting round each ride so natural trails will never do. 🙄

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    I love Lee Quarry. It’s the nearest decent-sized purpose-built MTB thing to me, at 45 minutes away. Took me a couple of visits to find all the bits, but it’s ace once you do. It’s not really a trail centre like most 20km-round-a-forest trail centres though and I can see how you might be disappointed if you drove for hours expecting a long-distance way-marked ride. It’s more like the sort of quarry we used to mess about in on bikes as a kid, only much bigger and better: you go up and play and come back down when you’re knackered or broken.

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