Anyone else have a dog that loves ice cubes?

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  • Anyone else have a dog that loves ice cubes?
  • We’ve got a 3 month old Lab that sits, gives a paw, does a hand bump & gives the other paw just for an ice cube.
    Saves a fortune in training treats but takes longer cos she ends up chasing them round the kitchen. 🙄


    In some dogs (and people) ice craving can be a sign of anemia

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    Anyone else have a dog that loves ice cube?

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    Yes, we have 10 month old lab/ collie cross who loves ice cubes.

    Yes, my collie likes ice cubes, but loves frozen peas the most.

    The vet said that lots of dogs loved ice, Huskies in particular for obvious reasons i suppose but I’d never heard of it before. She mentioned dogs of Canadian origin so I suppose a Labradog comes into that category!

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    We make ice cubes with a bit of dog food inside, for a treat for the pup on a hot day.

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    handful of frozen peas hurled on the kitchen floor makes for a frantic scrabble to get them all before……

    …….before we don’t know what because it’s like watching a fur covered hoover in action.

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    Ours was never much fussed with ice cubes but the first time frozen peas were spilled on the floor, the thought they were gifts from the gods. Got to the point where he wouldn’t eat his good without a garnish of frozen peas.


    We feed our Ridgeback frozen raw mince, have done for years. When we first put him onto a raw diet we used to defrost it but he wouldn’t touch it. Frozen however he wolfs it down.


    Mine comes and sits by the freezer when I open the cupboard with the gin in it

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    I thought all dogs loved ice cubes, and especially frozen peas. Our two would come running as soon as they heard the frozen pea bag being taken out of the freezer

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    Yup our border does and our Lab loved to play with them on her water bowl.


    One of my dogs used to spit out any pills it needed to take, so I froze them in an ice cube with some tuna and jobs a good ‘un.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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