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  • Anyone been riding around Bodrum?
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    Got 2 weeks in the sun coming up with the tribe and others. Fancy getting away from them all up the mountains to do these trails…

    Anyone done them? Hired a bike out there? Any links or help would be great.


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    My parents have a place in that area, and there looks to be plenty of rocky trails that could be ridden with some reasonable hills and stunning scenery. However, I’ve not actually gone biking over there, and I’ve not seen a bike shop in any of the nearby towns. The Tour of Turkey road race usually goes through Bodrum, so there must be some interest in bikes generally, but I’ve not managed to find anything.

    Apparently the guys who work at the Neilson in Ortakent know a few of the trails around there so they may be worth speaking to if you’re in that area.

    I also have no idea of the access laws and using the trails, but the guys above should hopefully be able to help with that. Finally, maps seem somewhat limited, I was unable to find anything large scale in any bookshops or other places that might have material, but again, I haven’t spent hour searching.

    Good luck if you do go and get to ride, it would be interesting hearing back how you found it.

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    Stayed with Neilson at Ortakent a few years ago.

    Give them a shout, we did a good 3-4 hour ride out from Ortakent and a there were a few 1-2 hour loops including a fairly steep ascent up to a radio mast. They probably have a set of route cards you could copy?

    There is a coastal singletrack path from one end of the bay in Bodrum which is good for an hour out, only trouble being its pretty much out and back cos it doesn’t really lead anywhere.

    It wasn’t mega technical by any means but there was the odd interesting section and lots of rocky tracks.

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    Love to go later in the year but riding in 50+ heat – mental!

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    Went on hols to Turgetreis a couple of years ago, not far round the coast from Bodrum. There was a crowd of MTBers out every morning with similar bikes but not kit – suggests they were there for a break and had hired bikes (half decent Scott hardtails IIRC). There’s definitely some riding to be had down there.

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    Worked out in Bitez, just down from Bodrum, for Sunworld sailing (now Neilson) for a season back in 96… no major trail network as such but a number of tracks that take you through small villages.. some great sprint interval training provided by the packs of stray dogs encountered en route. Good fun scrumping oranges and grapefruits from the trees too. mtbtomo’s description of rocky but non technical sums it up, any wheres nice to MTB really just get on your bike and ride :-)…..oh but keep an eye out for the dogs 😯

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    Thanks all, got some routes potentially sorted but need the bike hire. Will check the Nielson people but any other ideas would be great. Thanks again.

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    Coastal singletrack Here:

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