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  • Any Vodafone shareholders in the house
  • acidchunks

    48,449,000,000 shares in issue

    Payout amount isn’t set but ft reports some analysts believe it could be as much as 70bn USD.

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    Judging the usual attitudes prevailing in this forum, if you are a Voodophone shareholder and just about to receive a packet, best keep it to yourself.

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    And if so has anyone calculated what amount per share the kickback from the Verizon deal will be?


    Danny B


    It isn’t free money, the company is disposing of a major asset and distributing a lot of the cash, the share price will be devalued as a result.


    Probably about 115p share.

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    Given that most of VF’s dividends came from Verizon, it’s a short term gain for long term loss.

    112p reported on the news


    I used to work for VF, I will never forget the paper millionaires when the share price reached 399p in March 2000, most were VF`s own IT staff who had big share deals tied in with a golden handcuff deal engineered by Sir Chris Gent, the fans splattterd shite everywhere by November 2000 when the sp dropped to 150p.

    A bizarre company to work for back in the late 90`s early noughties.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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