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  • any painters in the house?
  • johndoh

    Wait for it to dry properly, sand and paint.


    Lining paper (1400 weight) and paint.


    Pay a decorator.


    Try a search on the dulux website, it doesn’t seem to work on my tablet.

    The fact the paint is water or solvent/oil based makes no difference. You may need to prime over the satin but I would have thought that not necessary. A sand would almost certainly be required before emulsion. You need a primer or slightly rough surface to make the paint stick.

    From a non paint point of view I would be tempted to speak to your landlord/letting agency and fess up. You might be able to negotiate a deal losing part of the deposit and they redecorate. By the time you’ve brought paint, and done the job you could be £100+ our of pocket anyway.

    Dry then lightly sandpaper it then paint whole wall with emulsion.
    Touching up rarely works as paint probably faded anyways
    Don’t need lining paper.

    It’ll polish out


    Fwiw before painting mark in rentals – try sanding back the mark – youll find that there is probably clean paint under it

    well i;’ve got a random orbital sander.. What grade should i use? Something fine

    Will see how i get on with that and if it doesn’t work i’ll let the lettings agent know

    it’s a very small flat and luckily haven;’t done the whole place

    Could be an expensive mistake

    feel like a right prat. DIY isclearly not my forte


    I use 120 or higher with a light touch but I did mine by hand. At work I use an angle grinder, wood saw and p80 but that is a different sort of paint.


    Do it by hand.

    Random orbital will leave your wall bare quick , you only want to take the surface off

    take the whole layer of satinwood off or enough so emulsion can take to it?

    you’ll need to leave the satin to harden for at least a few days, maybe a week. otherwise as soon as the sandpaper hits it, it will gum up immediately assuming it’s oil based.

    did it smell relatively strong when applying or not much small at all? if not much, you might be lucky and it’s water based, in which case it will harden in 24hrs or so

    It was pretty thick and smelt a bit. how can you tell?

    i’ve still got another week to give up the keys

    apparently a blue lid is oil based and water is a white lid.. This in had a white lid so hopefully its water based

    EDIT.. this might be rubbish actually


    Don’t take this the wrong way but it sounds like you don’t have a clue what you’re doing, maybe best to pay someone a couple of quid to paint the wall properly.

    all the dulux paint I’ve ever used, trade and retail, has had a white lid. thick and smelly is oil based for sure.

    did you do the whole wall?

    assuming its white satin and white emulsion?

    So i’m moving out of a rented flat in a week as i’ve moved into a house. Because i really want the £600 deposit back i decided to cover up marks and blemishes on the walls by painting them. (as this was picked up in one of the inspections) So i used the tin that was under the sink and rollered it over the some of the walls.

    I’ve now realised i’m a total idiot and scratched off bits off the tin of paint to reveal dulux satin wood!! the walls look a bit of a mess now

    I think this paint is oil based?!?

    so what do i do? Can i emulsion over them?

    I’m now thinking they’re gunna take the whole £600 and say i ruined the walls

    i’m such a div!

    Don’t take this the wrong way but it sounds like you don’t have a clue what you’re doing, maybe best to pay someone a couple of quid to paint the wall properly.

    aye. got that right. Either that or take the hit with the deposit.


    It will cost a lot less than £600 to get the wall painted properly £30-£40 should do it.

    So an update on this. I went to town on the flat and repainted over the mistakes with emulsion and it seemed to take.

    Now i got an email yesterday stating

    Items to be addressed as follows;
    Cleaning: the whole flat , all windows and window sills needed general cleaning.

    Few scratches on the hob surface and dark edges of the door in the bedroom and the bathroom.

    In order that there are no delays, we have already received quotes to rectify the above and they are as follows:
    Cleaning: £45


    which takes the p*ss! I cleaned that flat for 2 weeks and it was sparkling clean. I spent 2 evenings cleaning just 3 windows (yes i’ve only got 3 windows)

    I read through the tenancy deposit scheme and my agreement and it seems i’ve got them over a barrel. Not only are they not taking into account fair wear and tear but they notified me 12 working days after the tenancy end and it states in the signed paperwork they “must tell the tenant within 10 working days at the end of the tenancy if they propose to make any deductions from the deposit”

    I just rang them up and they guy said he needs to speak to his manager 🙄


    I would challenge that. The cost of the cleaning seems reasonable, however, it probably doesn’t need doing. Press for more information. If they feel the property needs a more thorough clean that you would do as a resident/tenant then I’d argue that should be covered by fair wear and tear.

    Always be polite but firm, don’t lose your temper you get much further that way in my experience.

    Yep.. i have challenged it. Apparently the landlord has to provide evidence that it was required (not me) and show that’s not wear and tear (and also receipts of the work carried out)

    but this is all irrelevant anyway as they hadn’t notified me within 10 working days


    letting agents are scum and will always try and pull a fast one, the talking to LL is in my experience crap. They are simply trying to get your deposit by any means possible.


    Full deposit returned! result

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