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  • Any job ideas for a 16 year old ?
  • Rosss

    Ive got a paper round currently but the pay is just a joke delivering 60+ papers with 20 + leaflets and two ikea catalogues per house for less than a tenner just isnt worth the effort. Ive looked into all the obvious ones just wondering if anybody had any different interesting ideas i could look into ? Im in the west midlands / Lichfield area if anyone has any ideas or knows of any where

    Ho hum

    When I was 16 I had a part time job as a tomato picker.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Combine the paper round with a dog walking service. 2 birds with 1 stone and then develop the dog walking service into a business the offering grooming services and dog / pet sitting perhaps with the help of an established grooming place.

    give up the paper round as soon as the pet thing can supplement the income.


    I heard of some strawberry picking work nearby but its too seasonal for me unfortunately

    Edric 64

    sticker up for a skittles team,pays about 16 to 20 quid for two hours work here in Somerset.


    Great idea luke however my paper round is on the busy birmingham road and my paper round is at around 6 o clock i couldnt take any risks on such a busy road


    pay is just a joke

    Welcome to employment.

    How long does that take you? If it takes about 2 and a bit hours that’s not bad for a 16 year old. On the upside at least you are out on your own and don’t have someone on your back.

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    pizza/food delivery via your bike??

    I used to do it in a small town and did ok before I could drive and really got the fitness up with the extra miles. Ask one of your local takeaways they may give it a go

    Ho hum

    Any local cleaning jobs?

    After tomato picking I graduated to an industrial cleaning job at a battery factory.


    Advertise localy as a dog walker, Tax free and self employed.. A fella round my way walks 13 or more dogs at £5 a time, and some twice a day. Not bad money rely.


    I used to work for the local council country park, doing all sorts of stuff from manning the bouncy castle to working in the shop or litter picking, or parking cars in the overflow car park. Minimum wage but generally meant a 10 mile ride each way through a country park and a day of enjoyable manual labour.

    And I cut lawns locally.

    And I washed cars.

    Then I worked in a restaurant and hated every moment of it.

    Pot washer / table clearer in a restaurant?


    pot washer is defo… i used to do it for money. also your 16 now so u can work 😉

    go work for dominos!


    i did it last year to tide me over 2 months, worked my arse off every night and extra shifts!!! worked about 60 hrs a week, took home 1350 a month plus tips (which are actually really good, 20+ on a fri/sat)
    also they give 1 pound pizza u deliver for fuel. i put 5 pound in my ped for the week!

    delivered about 25 a night from 7 till 1, so 25 quid extra a night for me.

    i used to make so much like this i never touched the 1350 in the bank.

    great way to make some quick money and i would do it again and im 25!!! even though its a poopy job, the money was great and fooookin easy. No one screaming at you. out and about, ipod in earning good cash.

    take a look


    the west midlands has 20% unemployment in young adults, the worst in the country.

    If you’re not a troll, don’t ditch that paper round…

    Pot washer, probably the best starting point.

    Pot washer or pot dealer


    ^but don’t get high on your own supply!


    I’m 17 and have worked with a fencing contractor for a very long time starting off just carrying stuff and now i’m able to do my own jobs for people which is good pay.


    Start the successor to Facebook. You’ll be a billionaire in no time. 😀

    Premier Icon Trekster

    @ 16 my daughter had been waitressing for 2yrs and earning £50 a night in tips alone!!!

    Son @ 16 was a lifeguard and worked in a car parts store. He was also training to be a scout leader and doing his D of E gold award.

    What do you want to do when you leave school? Go and find a job related to that if possible.

    You need to be proactive, get on yer bike and go looking.

    I started work at around 10 on the farm my grand dad worked on. By your age I was earning an adult wage because the farmer reckoned I was doing an adult days work. When I started my apprenticeship I earned 1/2 of what my weekly farm work payed me. I still worked on the farms for a while until working on cars took over( my life!!! )
    here you go!!


    Same area as you Rosss. My son at 14 started a local car washing service
    Was pulling in £50 plus per week. Added a bit of baby sitting, working in a local bike shop and more recently at 16 was doing 10 hours a week in Halfords.He did the pot washing stuff as well but pay was nearly as bad as a paper round. Plenty of options if you put your mind to it


    Kitchen portering is hard work, but in a big hotel is a laugh. It’ll also give you a good work ethic and make most other jobs seem easy from then forward.

    At your age I was a lifeguard and a swimming teacher evenings and weekends, £6 to £8 an hour 13 years ago was good money.


    I think i had more spare cash when i was 12 than i do now.

    I used o buy a multipack of chocolate bars (whatever had 5+1 free)for 99p and sell them at school for 30p each (this was the early 90’s). One pack a day turned into 3 or 4 per day


    I used to collect cans on a weekend from the local park where the pissheads got drunk, that then developed into a dog walker collecting them up for me as he was impressed i was doing what i was doing, then the park groundsman got wind of it and seperated all teh cans from his daily cleanup of the full masive park and from all the bins, so id have sacks full every week which my dad used to kindly stick in the van and take to alcan in MacDonalds carpark once a week or take them to the scrap yard. That brought in about £30 a week.

    Had a pee easy paperround after school that brought in another £10/week.

    I even used to sell conkers that the fat kids were too bone idle to go knock off the trees (the ones fished out the pond brought the premium prices as they would swell up loads!)

    Cut grass, spent a summer walking every street in Leeds delivering 1000’s of ikea catalogues, free chocolate bar samples, chocolate rice crispies, doing soap powder questionaires door to door and fiddling teh results to get more commission, washing cars……..

    I was minted!

    Then at 15 i got a job in a bike shop, a bar glass collecting.

    If you want a job, get dressed up smart/respectable and go round everywhere that employs people, ask to speak to the manager and tell them you will do what it takes to bring in some money.

    Look them in the eye, firm handshake, think about what you are going to say and believe me you will have a job by the end of the day so long as you walk all over town and call in everywhere. Its not easy and you will be knackered by the end of the day (like us adults are after most days at work) but someone will think, you know what i like that kids style, ill give him a shot!

    Premier Icon firestarter

    I was in the army at 16 and enjoyed (nearly) every minute of it. Worth a look lots of trades to learn


    focus on what you want to do
    Bit late in life doing that type of work as done that when I
    wanted pocket money, not a proper wage.

    Or continue that and look at further education.
    But should you not be in College anyway?


    I was an apprentice electrician at 16, never looked back.


    pot wash + 1.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    When I was 16 I left the paper round for a chippie! Did Friday & Saturday nights.


    Sounds like you are delivery free papers? I think ‘paid for’ papers are much more profitable are they not? I used to deliver 300 Blackmore Vales (a free newspaper magazine about the same thickness as singletrack, or WhatMTB on a good news week) a pile of leaflets and sometimes bloody sample sachets of washing powder, used to earn me a miserly £15 on average for 5 hours work and a bad back.


    chimney sweep or darnt pit?

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    When I was 16 I worked Saturdays and Thursday evenings at Sainsbury’s.

    The pay was alright (compared to my paper rounds and brief stint working on Bury market) and nearly 30 years later I’m still mates with a lot of people that I met there.

    It was also a hotbed of teenage fumbling action 😉

    I was in a supermarket stacking shelves. brought in £3 an hour back then.

    Wish I’d had Blands entrepeneurism!

    Bike shop bitch?

    Frankly, at your age you’ll not find many people willing to pay you much, so the real money is in pulling together your own little business, be that washing cars, walking dogs, collecting cans etc etc.


    Armed forces?


    Maybe a bit middle class, but you could do worse than stacking shelves at Waitrose. They give you discount off Waitrose and John Lewis (though not sure if you have to be 18), and if you decide to go to university (and they like you) they may well employ you in the holidays too, if you need it. And you get a bonus at christmas (again, check age requirement).

    I was an apprentice electrician at 16, never looked back.

    You don’t want to look back – you have to be careful when working with electrickery.

    To the OP – at 15 I worked in the prep area of the local chippy then, at 16, got to go on the tills. By 17 I was frying and became ‘assistant part time manager’. I then packed it in to go to art college.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    When I was 14 I did a paper round, but gave it in as it was 300 papers, two entire evenings work right up until bedtime for £6. Then at 15 I worked in a supermarket 2 nights a week and gave that up because it was just awful. I decided I’d rather have no money!


    I worked at a tomato and cucumber grower washing plastic trays at 16. Earned 1.58 an hour. Miserable job but it focused the mind a bit on school


    I started working in the local waitrose at 16 – saturdays and one evening a week, but they were always offering extra evenings on top of that.

    In the school holidays I was working there up to 50 hours a week – and I went back during the holidays from uni (first year anyway – then I got long hair and earings which didn’t fit the dress code)

    This was before sunday opening and 24 hour opening – so evan more hours to be had these days I would imagine


    Good to see a guy actually saying he wants a job and not relying on the joke of his EMA. I along with 90% of my mates had to get a job at 16 to pay for everything we wanted and as much as they say there isnt any jobs they just have to look above or think about it for iniative. There always will be exceptions such as teens that look after an ill relative for example.

    Cleaner? Ask your next door neighbours if at the weekend you can help them with the cleaning for a tenner a session. A bit of hoovering, dusting or ironing for an hour or two isnt hard work. Also, my mate used to weed gardens/prune bushes and trees/cut the grass of his next door neighbours. Thats not rocket science but can require a bit of research to save you killing someones plant!

    Premier Icon Daffy

    Are you looking for a full-time job or part time around continuing education?

    If full time, I’d look in to an Apprentice scheme with any large engineering companies in the area. BAE do them and they pay very well (£6-9 per hour) and allow you a paid day off per week to continue your education at a sponsored college.

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