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  • Any good brake deals about?
  • Premier Icon richmtb

    Pair of Deores for £100 including rotors

    Merlin Cycles

    Excellent brakes and for £50 an end its hard to go wrong

    I did see those… But worth twice as much as the 395s (I don’t need rotors, really) for a bike that’ll never really see any hills?

    Premier Icon richmtb

    £50 for two brakes?

    That is a bargain!

    Yeah just buy them. I can’t see how you could get hydro disc brakes cheaper than that

    Yep… And I can actually buy them straight from Woolly Hat Shop, thus not giving Amazon any money. Even better!

    Cheap as chips please, for commuter / winter bike. Need to be disc, hydraulic by choice but feel free to try and talk me into cable.

    Amazon have Shimano BR-M395 for £50, anything better than that? Would prefer to go new, I’m always a bit paranoid about second hand brakes.


    Just received a pair of Shimano M596 from Chain Reaction – a few pence under £70 delivered.
    They’ve currently got them on at £40 per end and offer a further £10 off on purchases over £75. Don’t include rotors or IS/Post Mount adapters mind, but I already had those.

    That is good! Fronts out of stock though, so I’ve gone for the 395s for super cheapness… We’ll see how they are.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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