Any 700c x 28 tyre better than Conti 4 Seasons?

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  • Any 700c x 28 tyre better than Conti 4 Seasons?
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    Am I missing any little gem before I push the button on a new pair of 700c x 28mm Continental 4 Seasons?
    In my experience, they roll well, are quite light and pretty puncture resistant. The pair I had lasted fairly well but were a little prone to cutting up – but I guess that’s the payoff for decent grip.
    Is there anything else out there with similar (or better) performance and comparable weight in a 28mm – 32mm width?

    My gp4000s have been very good but I’m not sure how they compare on puncture resistance


    New Schwalbe One’s are available in 28c. Speed and grip wise they’ll trump the Conti’s, and they’re usefully better protected against punctures than the likes of the Ultremo’s.

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    I’ve been running Schwalbe Ultremo ZX 700c x 28’s for quite a few miles with no issues at all.

    They seem fairly puncture resistant and roll well.

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    Thanks very much for these suggestions. I’d not seen the “One” – though it’s a chunk dearer than the 4 season. Heard mixed reviews on the Ultremo but maybe worth a shot. I’ve used GP4000 in the past and they’re very good but a little prone to cutting I’ve found. They’re certainly light and fast. I think I’m too tight to put the racy tyre on that I want to, given the bike gets used for so many different duties. The 25c Gatorskins on it at the moment are fine but I think I’ll sacrifice a bit of speed and weight by going to a comfier 28c.

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    The Schwalbe tyres are usually a fairly good price on the German sites

    I’ve bought all my road and CX tyres from there and paid much less than Uk prices.

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    Id put money on tweeks not actually having them in stock


    Probikekit have gp 4 seasons for £29.99, or they did last week when I bought a new pair. Although I paid £23.99 each as I had a 20% off code 🙂

    And to answer your question, no I’ve not found better.


    Funnily enough I was talking to a friend on a ride tonight about gp4seasons. We both fitted a pair a little over a year ago, he’s now got 9000k recorded on that bike, I’ve got a little over 7000k on mine.
    The tyres have proven fast(how anyone can validate another tyre is faster I can’t imagine), grippy(many of those miles were on rough broken sandy muddy roads) and reliable(neither of us has had a single puncture.

    Mine still have plenty of life in them, but when they do need changing I can’t think a single reason to even consider anything else.

    I like em 🙂

    Currently trying the Hutchison Sector tubeless but they are more money and they’ll need to wear well to trump the default GP4Seasons. Wet grip definitely isn’t as good.

    +1 Tweeks and ‘in stock’ don’t sit comfortably together.

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