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  • Antiques From the Grandmother
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    ok, My grandmother has recently moved house and whilst doing so has decided she needed a clear out of all of her stuff! Now seeing as im reasonably young she has decided to give me a box of stuff and told me to stick it on Ebay (because its obviously only us young ones that know how to use it)!

    So ive taken them out of the box have had a quick look and taken some pics,

    does anyone out there know what any of the stuff is worth? or should i just ebay it all with a 0.01p Starting bid?

    ok the first item. this is a Thaibron Cutlery Set, which i beleive my Grandfather brought back from Singapore around 50 years ago…

    all the pieces seem to be there, just not in the right places!

    Next up i have 4 Thomas Kinkade Square plates, complete with the certificates of authenticity

    and the next items are : a lovely “old country Roses Royal Albert Bone china Teaset” or well a load of cups and saucers

    Next up is a Poole Pottery hand painted Cup and suacer

    ok the next is my favourite, a metal of some sort Henry the vii Statue,

    and on the bottom it says..

    i then have 4 Sara moon pictures, i believe theyre copies

    And last but not least, i have this big Copper picture,

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    here they are!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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