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  • Anquet or Memory Map….Which One should I buy?
  • feary

    I am considering their products for use on PC / OSX-VM / IOS, as the Whole GB is currently quite cheap, but Iit would be nice to get a comparison

    Any thought?


    well I’m in Aus and recently bought a detailed city map from memory map and emailed them afterwards to ask if an update would be available as it was 5 years out of date as a major motorway network was missing which has major impact on my ability to use the product – they didn’t bother to reply

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    I always got on well with Anquet – moved to Mapyx Quo a few years back and wish I hadn’t bothered now since they are refusing to answer emails and get the software I bought running on my machine since it has been used on previous computers.

    It seems they don’t expect people to upgrade or replace computers over the years.



    I use MM for UK mapping. They use os maps which seem up to date. I’ve not needed to contact them but there a fairly extensive forum which has answered questions I’ve had.

    It works well on PC and iPhone and is easy to send routes between the two as emails.

    I’ve used an old version of a quiet a good while ago and prefer mm.

    I use my iPhone in a lifeproof case and bar mount for navigation during rides too.


    Viewranger are excellent for upgrades, their range of international maps is outstanding as well. They have both Android and iOS versions, and you might even be able to find an old Symbian version, which is what I started with. I still have my original DVD with the whole of the UK 1:50k OS maps on, which I’ve loaded onto my iPad and iPhone, along with selected 1:25k tiles I’ve bought from the website. They are very helpful if you have any issues, too, replying to emails promptly.

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