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  • Anodised frame & heli tape? Advice please.
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    I’ve got a new black anodised frame from Canyon which looks really good. I want to keep it like that and to tape it up fully like the last one. Trouble is the matte heli tape from Paragon looks milky, even when properly applied. Anyone have experience of:
    1) a tape that conforms better to the rougher surface of an anodised frame and looks transparent
    2) of anodised finishes being harder than painted finishes? Someone mentioned it was more durable.

    Any comments helpful please; I want to build it up ASAP!



    I always use tape on an anodised frame even though it’s a more durable finnish than paint. And you’re right to get it all done before the first ride. The best stuff I’ve used is Sports Cover Bike Shield, comes in either a half or full pack, is thick, transparent and keeps it’s properties for years. Not particularly cheap though so I recently bought some 3M Helicopter Tape from speedsportpromotions on ebay to try out which has the same thickness as Bike Shield. Using a hair dryer to heat the tape makes it easier to apply.

    Which Canyon?

    My nerve came with a white protective “tape” on the downtube (looks like its just a decal but isnt). However the top tube decal scratches very easily (well I chucked it against a rock ) – so if yours is the same maybe protect that. I used the paragon matte stuff – seems ok but I can harldy see it through the muddy layers now.

    The rest of the adonizing is holding up well – certainly better than the painted frames I’ve had. Gloss helitape looks very obvious on my black but thats the best option for the obvious cable run points.

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    Cheers gents.
    This is a Nerve AM 2012 with black gloss decals/lettering on black mid-matte anodised finish.
    I’ve used the Paragon heli tape in gloss and it is very good but their matte stuff doesn’t conform to this “grainy” finish. Gloss would probably look worse, but could do the downtube.
    A few coats of varnish might do it.ha-ha..or Yorkshire mud.
    Any other recommendations?

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    Any other recommendations please?

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