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  • Ankle socks vs those ones that hide in your trainers

    I was going to answer your question, but you said ‘hive mind’, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


    As you never get sunshine up there you should have no tan line concerns so stick with calf length argyles.


    Erm.. over 40’s??? hahaha, surely it should apply to all ages.

    Ankle socks are great if ruffled “gently” and not pulled tight.
    Those socks that fit in trainers, just under the lip of the upper are great if you can’t see them poking out.
    Footy socks are great if pulled down in a ruffled kinda way.
    No socks are great in trainers but smelly, you may reconsider if out with “friends”
    Do not wear those flight socks pulled up under your knee at any cost, not even on a bike to save nettle rash, you’ll look Mad.

    Never wear socks pulled tight,ever, you’ll look Danish/Scottish.

    don simon

    I’m trying to get myself kitted out for UK riding and all Google throws out is this.
    This, I assume, is what everyone is wearing these days, non?

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    kingtut and then idave – spot on (you should especially be wearing argyles with yer jesus sandals)


    Reading “Now” or some such bollox as I waited for my pal to cook my din dins at hers last night, I saw the wearing of ankle socks and trainers described as a “dad faux pas”.

    I’m of the age where I sruggle with skinny jeans (I did them last time round thanks) and was resolutely sticking to ankle length socks, though I have a few of the shorter cycling-type ones.

    What’s the hive-mind prevailing view (for the over 40s)?

    EDIT – that better Mike? Had me coffee now.

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    The best thing about being over 40 is you no longer give a shit what anyone else thinks 🙂

    good job really – here’s a photo from the weekend…



    As long as you don’t look like TJ you’ll be fine.

    At your age you should have some nice sandals anyway.

    Trainer socks are the only way to go. They’re the ones that just peep above your trainers so people know:

    (i) You are cool
    (ii) You are not going commando (foot-wise) and therefore stink.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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