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  • am I going to get ripped off – eBay content
  • Selling a Scott Scale frame set on eBay, it’s brand new and the BIN price is £1100. UK only sale.

    A guy in Russia has somehow managed to BIN and is asking for a postage quote. I’m a bit pissed he’s bought it when I clearly said UK only, but also keen to get it moved on.

    I’ve checked and UPS will take the parcel for £240 including insurance, which he’s agreed to pay. Now the snag, he’s asked for 3 PayPal requests for £500, £500 and £340 as he has a cap on his account, this is where I smell a rat.

    Am I OK to do this? Part of me says fire him off, but the other part of me wants to complete the sale, I don’t THINK there’s a way I can get stung but wanted to check with others..


    Walk away…..


    Cancel it.

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    Yes, walk away was my 1st instinct but using PayPal and having it insured, can I actually loose the cash?

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    Part of me says fire him off, but the other part of me wants to complete the sale,

    This must be the way they get everyone – you know it’s dodgy but take the risk just to get it done.

    Personally I’d walk.


    tell him you will only post it after HE has paid the shipping, give him the collection post code (your work place)
    tell him you will only take bank transfer DO NOT TAKE PAYPAL
    once you have got all the money then agree the postage/ collection for shipping date.
    i did this for a guy in usa that i thought was a scam from the beginning and i told him thats what i thought, it all worked out well he paid and arranged the shipping, paid by bank transfer and all was good.
    But thats only my experience 🙂


    Multiple pay pal accounts, all borrowed?

    You said no international so it’s a no just cancel the bid


    Shouldn’t be a limit on any account when it comes to paying for something.

    Easy to see what might happen. Only one of those 3 payments can be linked to the sale of the frame I think – via an invoice direct from ebay. Imagine the other two are done by goods payment.

    You send the frame off. Tracking to some countries is very dodgy, I’m not sure about Russia but it isn’t one I would normally trust.

    So he gets the frame, and he makes a claim that it’s damaged/not received. You defend it with the info you have, but you can only really do that on the payment linked to the sale, say £500. If you win you get to keep £500 but I bet the other two are claimed on and you won’t win as you have already won a claim based on the data you supplied. I could see you wining the first one maybe, but not the other two. So you are £840 down as a minimum.

    Seller can claim damage as well, how is that going to be sorted out? You’re not going to have it sent back for £240 so you’ll lose out massively in some way.

    Cancel the sale, even if you have to take the hit on the final value fee (which you shouldn’t as you specified UK only sale – did you do this the right way on the listing or just write it in the description? Either is fine but it’s odd how a Russian buyer saw it if you listed it properly as UK only) it’s money well spent.


    I’d rather sell a £1k frame on here for £800 than £1000 on ebay, which is just a minefield of problems with high value stuff.

    Yep, he’s getting fired off. Thanks all for confirming my instinct


    Yeah. Worth bearing in mind that Russia is probably the worlds leading country for fraud, and fraud against foreigners is either legal or completely tolerated by the government.

    At no point does this sound legit. I can only put it down to you feeling a bit under the weather this morning and not thinking straight. Glad we’re all on the same page now. 😀

    More like the lure of a grand in the bank and a massive box being shifted from the living room but either way. Common sense has been resumed. Boris has been fired off.

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    as a balance – and this isn’t a £1,000 frame !! – I was selling a heap of old electronic gear, and some chap from Ukraine bought a radio for spaces/repairs. I was unconvinced about shipping it, but I did, it arrived, got a nice note back on how he’d fixed it, and of a while after I’d bid for stuff that was “UK only”, then ship to UKR – he’s pay double shipping, plus a buyers fee, but it was all OK.

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