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  • alloy spoke nipples or brass?
  • M6TTF
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    getting a wheel built up – are alloy nipples ok these days or am i better off with brass still?

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    Depends on riding and weight.

    I'm on the tall side and have totally ruined a lovely wheel with alloy nipples popping. Personally wouldn't use alloy on anything but the lightest race machine.

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    If you must use alloy npples make sure you grease the spoke threads (not if radial)and rim.

    I have been brought many a wheel for repair with seized up and fractured alloy nipples which are a real pain.

    For longeveity use brass if a few grams makes all the difference alloy is OK but use lube on the threads and where the rim/nipple seat.

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    You can order Brass DT nips in differant colours these days if that helps. But unless you are racing and every gram counts, i wouldn't bother.
    Brass nips rock!

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    If it's a proper weight weenie wheelset then alu, otherwise brass. No amount of lubing will really help in the long run, they'll still seize!

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    +1 for brass.

    Wheelpro book gives figures but IIRC difference in weight between brass and alloy for the average wheel is only equivalent to the weight of a couple of nipples. Certainly the advice given was stick to brass.

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    yep, unless super blingy, use a few times a year race wheels, then use brass every time.

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    I asked the same question about a week ago. I've always heard that brass is a lot less bother but thought I'd ask as I've never build a pair for myself with alu nipples. I've seen alu nipples cause problems but only on cheap machine build wheels anyway. However, on digging around, brass does seem to be the way forwards. I was only looking because the DT comp black spokes I wanted are supplied with alu nipples.

    If you do decide to go alu there are a few point to remember. I think the weight saving is just under 1 grm per nipples. Go slightly longer on the spokes to that they protrude through the top of the nipples to stop them deforming under load and popping the heads (there goes your weight saving). Use grease or copaslip on the threads. Lube the nipple eyelet interface when building. Only use an eyeletted rim with alu nipples. Alu nipples under tension on an alu rim will mean tears a few years down the line.

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    Brass nipples it is then – cheers

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    Go slightly longer on
    the spokes to that they protrude through the
    top of the nipples to stop them deforming

    what utter nonsense.

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    I go brass myself as I think they are stronger and have more longevity although not tried annodised Alu ones 🙂

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