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    Done it Uk to Oz with UPS via a broker. Common issues was box size straying into the next volumetric weight category, taking a few cm of the box helped.


    Hello all,

    Am looking to bring my roadbike back from NZ with me when we move back, and am exploring the option of air-freighting it. Has anyone done this, and if so who did you use? Everyone I;ve looked at so far is about 3-4 times more expensive than when we flew over.

    Oh, and I wont be selling and re-buying before anyone suggests that.



    used this co to ship a road bike and then later my daughters bmx and playstation (urgent essentials) UK to Aus based on recommendations on here – very good easy to deal with and prompt – as said if can reduce the size of the box a bit and work out the weight paying for can pack other stuff in if under the weight
    not sure on NZ to UK but worth checking see if their online quote does

    edit forgot link

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    Probably my suggestion they did all of mine.


    Thanks for the transglobal link, will check that out as I’m doing the op’s journey in reverse in a few weeks.


    I used TNT to bring my snowboard back from NZ. It’s well worth shopping around, I found prices varying by $100s


    Freighting with Air NZ will cost around $325 and take three weeks min (with customs clearance). Sending it by sea will cost around $120, but will take three months.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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