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  • leec247

    I’m off to afan on sun with 2 of my mates. Not sure whether to do the wall or whites level or is it possible to both in a day??? Also how technical are they as one of my mates isn’t that confident on a bike???


    Depends what you call tech.

    You can do both by following the w2 route but if your mate isn’t that confident I would say this is too long. For a beginner they are technical, for an experienced rider they are not highly tech.

    If you want to have ago at both I would do the wall first, go back to the trail centre, have a rest grab some food and drive upto glyncorrwg if he’s feeling good and tackle whites.

    The problem you may have riding both in one go is if he gets tired then it will be difficult for him as its a fairly long ride (3-5hrs)

    Great fun single track trails

    b r

    It isn’t confidence that’ll stop him riding both, but fitness.

    Last time we went we did; The Wall, then W2 to Drop-Off and then Skyline using the short-cuts – plus ride back to The Wall car park. About 40 miles all in.


    you could always go up whites climb, across parsons foley then do the wall decent. if you feel fit go back up the wall climb and do the full W2 if your struggling bail out and follow the cycle path back to glyncorwg.


    If you do W2 and he feels to tired after the first descent down to the railway trail you could always follow it back to the start trail centre (Afan or Glyncorwwg). Afan is rougher than most trail centres which takes can take it toll on you and the bike.
    Last weekend we didn’t fancy the usual W2 so parked at the lodge, did the new bike park and Wall section then did ZigZag down to the railway trail, Wall climb, Parsons link, Energy, horrible climb past the black to Windy point, then back across Parsons link to do 373 and Tombstones to the lodge. A good compromise in distance and it’s nice not to start with a uphill section. If your mate has anything left in the tank you could always session the skills section and or the new Wall section at the end.


    If your mate isnt too confident on a bike I wouldn’t really want to take him on a red grade trail. Thats either Whites or Wall. Both have plenty of places to have a nasty accident on.
    Sure he/she could get off and walk around the obstacles, but to be honest, after making the climb up, its not going to be much fun for him/her on the way down

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