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  • z1ppy

    my preferences would be whites-wall (W2 trail) friday PM, Skyline or maybe July (as Skyline for the most part is boring) & Penhydd saturday, then blast down to Cwm Carn on Sunday.


    Friday Penhydd + Wall or Wall + Whites (W2)
    Saturday Skyline lunch then whichever I’d not done the day before.
    Sunday repeat favorite.


    the final descent of skyline is worth doing – you can do it by doing the fist climb of whites/ the wall and using the fireroad to get to it.

    well worth it imo. as is cwmcarn


    Your going to be pretty beat after skyline if your thinking of doing anything after. No?

    Premier Icon johnikgriff

    Off to Afan next weekend for the first time. Staying at the campsite at Glncorrwg. We are hoping to get there around 1 on the Friday, ride that afternoon, all day Saturday and possibly Sunday morning if the we don’t go to mad in the pub on Saturday night. All pretty good riders, all have rode all of North Wales centers (our local trails) and most of the 7 Stanes. Any advice on which rides and when welcome.

    I think “middle” sized version of Skyline (August?) is worthwhile. The full version is OK but the longish forest road bits are not especially scenic. The final descent is a lot of fun if you like leaping off rocky steps.

    Premier Icon runswithscissors

    I’m with Thomthumb with the shortcut to ride Jetlag.

    Premier Icon Goodgey

    Make sure at the campsite that you have a dry pitch for your tent, we had pitches 29 & 30 and they were nearly under water when we arrived for the Easter Long weekend

    Whites Level was my best trail of the weekend.

    Penhydd and the Wall were great trails was a long cycle back from Afan to Glncorrwg after riding those 2 routes


    Did Penhydd and Whites a couple of weeks back – Whites was a poor second IMO.


    Friday – July
    Saturday – W2 with a spot of lunch half way
    Sunday – Whites again but include the loop of the black route or Penhydd

    W2 is a cracking route with great views on the link that goes past the windmills.


    The Wall
    Whites Level

    Avoid Skyline apart from the last descent..

    As always it depends on your kind of riding. Penhydd is nice enough as a starter, didn’t ride the wall but it sounds good, loved Whites as it feels like they have applied all the lessons learn’t from other builds and created a very varied trail with plenty of chances to get a little air..

    Skyline just didn’t have enough features for the effort in my opinion, but some will love it.


    Whites on Friday PM.

    Early Sat AM- shuttle/drop a car off in the Afan Argoed carpark for later. Return to Glyncorrwg in another car.

    July Sat AM (July is the shortest version of the Skyline. Turn right- downhill, at the first signed option to do so. A great rocky, wet blast to the road and then re-join Skyline for the final highlights- Peregrine Ridge and Jetlag)

    Lunch on some of Tim’s Tortilla and chilli potatoes at the DropOff Cafe.

    Sat PM. Ride Whites to Wall. then ride Penhydd AVOIDING FROG CORNER!!! Boggy mess. Then collect the car you dropped off before.

    Sunday- you’ve done the best- so pick your favorite(s).

    Skyline has a lot of fireroad- too much to be worthwhile in my book. But- not many people do it in its entirety so you will have it to yourselves much of the time, unlike the other rides


    we normally arrive a bit later on Fri get pished first…

    Sat Whites & wall then get pished…

    Sun Skyline… drive home feeling rather knackered but happy complete kind of way.


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