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  • Aerozine x one crank
  • alexh

    Has anyone else had issues with this crank coming loose?

    I’ve tried medium thread lock, which worked for a few rides but again it came loose.

    I lost trust in the item and slapped in a zee as a short term measure, but I’m now looking to put my bike on a bit of a diet; hence the question to see if others have had issues and if they solved it.

    Is permanent thread lock a step too far?


    wasnt this the recomended fitting tool

    Those cranks are the start of the octopron insult whenever superstar are mentioned..

    aerozine have always had the “loosening” off issue since they started coming to the uk

    They claimed the torque figure in their docs was wrong – of course generally once its been loose its ****.

    If it’s the same design as the old FSA cranks then they haven’t change much from coming loose back 15yrs ago.

    buy cheap, buy twice.

    lock tight it, then drizzle with some Dr pepper what’s the worse that could happen…


    Ah, I found some old threads and the link between ss and some of these cranks.

    These were not bought through superstar, they don’t appear to sell these single ring spiderless cranks.

    Shame, as they are light and look quite tidy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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